4 Firewood Tips to Help You Stay Warm This Season

Efficiency, combined with old-fashioned charm, makes wood a good choice for heating your home.

Here’s how to keep your Hudson Valley home toasty all winter long with fire-burning tips from The Cord King in Dover Plains..

It’s that time of year when you’re feeling the post-holiday letdown, and counting down the days until spring weather. But sadly, that’s still a few months away. So, how can you stay warm and cozy, and not break the bank? With a fireplace or wood-burning stove.

Jeffrey Viola, owner of Cord King in Dover Plains, says you’ll save money by heating with firewood. “Wood keeps your home at a higher temperature than oil, propane, or electric, and for less money.”

However, you must obtain, dry, and store the wood. “It’s peace of mind that no matter what happens with prices and crazy weather events, your heating supply is in your backyard.”

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Types of firewood

“Seasoned means air-dried with a moisture content of 20% or less,” says Viola. “It’s cut and split, and allowed to age and dry with solar energy and wind. Kiln-dried is dried in a lumber kiln and is drier than seasoned. It’s sterilized to kill bugs or mold.”

Obtaining firewood

“Some people cut and split their own trees or call a logging contractor and order a truckload,” he says.

Storing it

“Allow air and sunlight to get to the wood. It will dry naturally on its own,” he says.

Plan ahead

“Order wood a year in advance so it has time to dry,” he says. “Wet wood will burn, but it just takes longer and is less efficient.”

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