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victorian show Troy’s Victorian Stroll Pays Homage to Hudson Valley History History, Life StyleIn Rensselaer County, Troy's annual Victorian Stroll harkens back to the city's Victoriana influences and industrial past.
thomas cole Inside Thomas Cole’s Rise to Fame With the Hudson River School History, Life StylePrior to becoming one of the Hudson River School's most acclaimed artists, Thomas Cole was a self-taught painter exploring the Valley.
Sleepy-Hollow-History Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow Is a Must-Read History, Life StyleDive into the history of nearby Hudson Valley towns like Sleepy Hollow that inspired Washington Irving's spooky Halloween legends.
Walkway over the hudson Flashback: Walkway Over the Hudson’s Debut in the Valley History, Life StyleArguably one of the Hudson Valley's most beloved bridge spans, the Walkway Over the Hudson is a must-visit in Dutchess County.
rip van winkle Explore the Origins of Rip Van Winkle, a Legend of the Catskills HistoryMore than 200 years after Washington Irving’s tale was published, Catskill’s most famous resident still has a presence in the Hudson Valley.
Roosevelt's home Flashback: King George VI and FDR Ate Hot Dogs in Hyde Park History, Life StyleTurns out a few hot dogs and beers were just the thing to strengthen the ties between Great Britain and the United States in 1938.
Hudson Valley trivia 10 Hudson Valley Trivia Tidbits Every Local Should Know HistoryFrom a historic tavern in Rockland County to a famed abolitionist in Ulster County, there are so many remarkable things to know about the Valley.
Benedict Arnold Benedict Arnold’s Journey From West Point Commander to Traitor History, Life StyleAfter taking command of West Point in 1780, Benedict Arnold embarked on a slippery slope to become a Revolutionary War traitor.
Restoring a Historic Stop on the Hudson Valley’s D&H Canal HistoryAn 18th century stone building most recently occupied by the popular Depuy Canal House restaurant in High Falls will soon be the new home of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Museum.
slavery in new york Do You Know When New York Actually Ended Slavery? History, Life StyleWhen did New York State officially end slavery? As a look into the past illustrates, that’s actually harder to answer than you might think.
Revolutionary War A Timeline of the Revolutionary War in the Hudson Valley History, Life StyleHow much do you know about the history of the Revolutionary War in the Hudson Valley? Learn about the events that shaped our nation.
Vassar College Looking Back on the Origins of Vassar College in Poughkeepsie History, Life StyleLearn how Matthew Vassar went from brewery owner to businessman to founder of Vassar College in the Hudson Valley.
samuel morse Looking Back at Samuel Morse and the Telegraph in the Hudson Valley HistoryWe rewind to May 1844, the year in which former Poughkeepsie resident Samuel Morse first demonstrated his telegraph system.
Stoutridge-Absinthe Stoutridge Distillery and Winery Does Chakra-Inspired Absinthe History, Wine SpiritsStoutridge Distillery in Marboro uses wooden pot stills, Ayurvedic herbs, and ultra-pure steam to craft an assortment of absinthes.
Sybil Ludington A Look Back at Sybil Ludington’s Historic Hudson Valley Ride History, Life StyleWith all due respect to Paul Revere, the most famous midnight rider in American history may have been a teenage girl named Sybil Ludington.
Poughkeepsie name Where Did Poughkeepsie Get Its Name? HistoryExplore the hyper-local history behind Poughkeespie's unique name— along with a few of the 42 potential titles for this Dutchess County city.