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Dr. Alexandra (“Dr. Alex”) Barrientos has used a holistic approach to veterinary medicine for the past 20 years, and says, “It’s the future. It’s not hocus-pocus and it can be individually tailored to each pet’s needs and conditions. When I was going to veterinary school at Cornell University, studying the positive effects of antioxidants was not part of our learning. No one then knew what they did; now CoQ10 is commonly used to help lower blood pressure and neutralize free radicals. People have been using alternative approaches like Vitamin C and dandelion root forever.”

She and her husband and practice manager, Robert Codacovi, opened Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital in 2009 to provide a different kind of care for dogs and cats. They’ve recently relocated to a new facility at 44 Saint Nicholas Road in Wappingers Falls where they offer a unique boarding program, a spa-like environment and nine acres of outdoor amenities to complement their holistic approach.

A holistic approach and integrative medicine provide the most effective care

A holistic approach considers your dog or cat’s entire body and their surrounding environment as well as specific ailments. If your pet is suffering from itchy skin, a holistic practitioner will look at their whole body and living spaces—versus simply prescribing a medicated shampoo. The holistic approach does not only look to determine if they may be allergic to something in their environment or diet. It also considers treating with diet, stress management, natural foods, and vitamins for a better result.

An integrative facility uses both conventional (or allopathic) medicine and interventions as well as alternative approaches (such as homeopathy, acupuncture and nutritional supplements) to care for your pet. If you have a horrendous headache, exercise and changes in your diet may deliver long-term relief, but you’ll appreciate Tylenol in the meantime. The same is true for your pet.

When you integrate conventional medical remedies with alternative modalities, there’s no formulary for doing so: Getting to the core of a particular medical issue may require a combination of hardcore medical training, along with old-fashioned common sense and alternative therapies.


Certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist Victoria Meyer & “family”

Individually tailored protocols and natural pain management offer fewer long-term side effects

It’s important to find pain management options that offer relief and may be used continuously, if needed. Conventional or alternative therapies may be expensive on their own but when combined, your pet will receive less expensive and more effective treatments with fewer negative side effects.

One of the biggest issues with older pets is finding a therapy that they can use continuously-a great option is laser therapy which is healing with light. There is good scientific evidence that laser therapy, otherwise known as “photobiomodulation,” accelerates healing, improves cell division, and is good for chronic inflammation, pain and the healing of open wounds and sores. With 3-5 minute sessions, older pets who weren’t moving before are running again. When laser therapy is combined with acupuncture and joint supplements the results are often amazing. Hemp oil has also been used effectively for pain and stress instead of valium or aspirin, with the added advantage of not causing stomach upset or diarrhea.

Mr. George Villone enjoying his vacation in the cat boarding area

A more holistic approach is the future of veterinary medicine

Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital wants to change the paradigm of visiting the veterinarian from a stressful experience to a more comfortable one. Their waiting room areas feature exhibits from local artists, and a portion of their sales is donated to a local animal rescue society. There are separate waiting areas for dogs and cats and, with a fireplace, aromatherapy and a peaceful, warm and inviting ambience, it’s definitely not cold or antiseptic.

Outdoor areas add to the calm environment. As soon as their paddock is complete, the hospital will be home for two gentle mini-horses named “Charlie Horse” and “Trouble.” The grounds will eventually feature an organic garden, outdoor sculptures, a wildlife education center and more.

The biggest issue pets have is anxiety when they visit the vet, and Earth Angels wants to change that. They believe that as part of your family, pets should get the care they deserve in a calm environment. This philosophy extends to their new boarding program, which can accommodate approximately 15 dogs at a time in simple, comfortable and peaceful spaces. Staff members play with the dogs individually—each dog gets one-on-one time assigned to them—and every room has an elevated bed that molds to your dog’s body. Their trainer can work with your dog if you want them to learn to sit, walk on a leash or just become a better doggie citizen. Some dogs are scared because of prior bad experiences, so the trainer can help pets work through their issues, become more confident and feel better about themselves. The cat boarding area is located far from the dog area, with room for 10 cats and a cat jungle gym too. Since cats are very curious animals, their room features four big windows where they can look outside at birds and life going on around them.

As a family-operated facility, Earth Angels will never be cold and impersonal. Their integrative approach opens up tremendous combinations and their goal is to find the right fit to improve your pet’s quality of life. Getting the right answers for your pet means that if A doesn’t work, there’s always B and C. This veterinary practice focuses on providing quality alternatives, because the truth is, neither alternative nor conventional choices have all the answers.

Dr. Alex & Robert in front of their new location

Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital was established in 2009 by Dr. Alexandra (“Dr. Alex”) Barrientos. She’s a holistic practitioner of integrative veterinary medicine who brings the latest conventional and alternative medical approaches to her practice to give her patients an optimal quality of life from birth through aging and disease. Services include general and specialized surgery, dentistry, nutrition, judicious vaccination protocols, ultrasound, cardiology, acupuncture with Dr. Annie Viano, homeopathy with Dr. Michele Yasson, laser therapy, as well as antibiotics/conventional medical modalities, herbal and nutraceutical therapies. Dr. Alex also conducts phone consultations with clients and their veterinarians all over the world.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit http://earthangelsvet.com/ or call (845) 227-7297.

Earth Angels Veterinary Hospital
44 Saint Nicholas Road
Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Phone: (845) 227-P-A-W-S (7297)
Website: http://earthangelsvet.com

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