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The great poet, Walt Whitman, once advised people to “be curious, not judgmental.” By purposefully looking at the world with fresh eyes, you can live a richer existence.

Whether you’re visiting Kingston for the weekend, or you consider yourself a native, you might be shocked by the hidden treasures located all around the Hudson Valley. What might you learn by the fireplaces of the Hoffman House Tavern or in the streets where the Founding Fathers used to walk?

The Hudson Valley is witnessing an explosive, exciting awakening right now. But let’s not forget about the amazing history we stroll past every day. It’s time to get curious about the place we call home.  


Stockade Historic District Walking Tour

The history we all read about in grade school comes alive in the Kingston Uptown Historic District. There, you’ll see eight blocks of centuries-old buildings rich with historical significance.

Sign up for a guided tour to hear how a thriving community grew from farmland to a prosperous town center. Walk through the Old Dutch Church, built in 1659, and explore burial grounds where the earliest tombstone dates back to 1720. George Clinton, New York’s first governor and later vice president, was laid to rest there—surrounded by the graves of Revolutionary War soldiers.

Just around the corner, you’ll find the oldest intersection in the United States; it pre-dates even the Revolutionary War. A stone home sits on each corner, the oldest of which was constructed in the 1600s. Today, you’ll find Rough Draft—a brand new bar and coffee shop—occupying one of the original structures.



Make Hamilton & Adams Your Starting Point

Two blocks from the Four Corners intersection and right across from the original capital, you’ll find a curious new men’s shop, Hamilton & Adams.

Founded just one year ago, Hamilton & Adams embodies the founders’ love of history, exploration and adventure. They wanted to created a place for people like them—fascinated by the world and open to new ideas. Their curated collection of clothing, gifts, gear and curiosities inspires guests as they head out to explore Kingston and the Hudson Valley. The shop also carries outerwear, winter gear, natural skin care products and other items to protect explorers from New York’s blustery weather.

Hamilton & Adams’s provocative collection encourages curiosity and conversation. Be sure to stop into the shop at 32 John Street in Kingston for local historical inspiration and to experience special seasonal events. Also keep an eye out around town and throughout the Catskills and Hudson Valley for other Hamilton & Adams surprises and pop-up shops!  

Once you’ve learned about your town’s history, you’re sure to want to show your state pride with apparel—such as the store’s Kingston and Upstate and Chill collections.

There’s a renaissance happening in Kingston, and Hamilton & Adams is proud to be a part of it. Get in touch to find out more.

Hamilton & Adams
32 John St, Kingston, NY 12401
(845) 383-1039

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