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Take a good thing, mix it with other good things, make it even better. That’s the American way.

In 1988, celebrity chef Norman Van Aken borrowed the word “fusion” from jazz music to describe the experimental style of cooking he and chefs like Wolfgang Puck were beginning to popularize. Instead of offering just Chinese, or just Japanese or just Thai cuisine—these imaginative chefs and restauranteurs were offering multiple styles all mashed together, with a twist.



Chefs around the country soon began to follow suit, with restaurants like Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Vong and Nobu Matsuhisa’s Nobu and more recently, David Chang’s Momofuku. Their creative combinations of flavors captured the country’s imaginations and tastebuds.

It’s on this culinary foundation that Red House opened last year in Milton, New York. Merging classic dishes and flavors from one culture with borrowed techniques and profiles from another, Red House’s menu pairs Asian modes of cooking with Western ones. The result: an array of dishes that are both instantly familiar and altogether unique.



Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Red House’s chefs beautifully present healthy and sustainable pan-Asian offerings, drawing on the culinary highlights of China, Japan and Thailand: Red House’s menu allows diners to choose between Chinese options like Shanghai Soup Dumplings; an expansive and eye-dazzling selection of sushi; red, green and yellow Thai curries; as well as original creations based on the best of Asian traditions.

Meanwhile, thirsty guests can sip on a Lychee Martini or a Mango Margarita at the long, lovely bar. 


Red House
30 Main St, Milton, NY 12547
(845) 795-6285