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Do you suffer from organization envy? Suffer no more! You, too, can bring order to your closet chaos and have a clutter-free, organized home. The flawless rooms you see in the media neatly organized with a designated place for every possession can also be your reality. Spring may be the traditional time for cleaning and organizing, but, when it comes to organizing, there’s no time like the present.



By partnering with pros like California Closets, you and your home will be ready for a beautifully organized life in no time! California Closets not only delivers unique, innovative organizing solutions, but will build and install solutions customized for your lifestyle as well. Resist procrastinating — just follow these five foolproof steps.


Photo by Stefan Radtke


Step 1: Review, refine, and purge

We’re all guilty of having far more than we need or will ever use. Organizing offers the ideal opportunity to take a fresh new look and rethink the spaces in your home. To make the most of your organizing efforts, first take a detailed inventory of your belongings and begin paring down, eliminating what no longer serves you or makes you happy. (Or, in the parlance of organization guru Marie Kondo, no longer “sparks joy.”) Taking this step seriously will lead to a more effective and satisfying end result, whether you’re longing for a more ordered master bedroom closet, a better functioning mudroom, or a more efficient home office. And, aligning with a charity, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, one of California Closets’ charity partners, will make the process that much more rewarding and give someone else the chance to benefit while giving your purged items new life.



Step 2: Rethink

Rethink your current spaces. Decide what’s working for you and what’s not in both appearance and function. Your complimentary consultation with a California Closets design consultant will help define your desired outcome — what and how you want your home organized. For example, do you envision a master bedroom closet sleekly outfitted with compartments, drawers, and shelving to hold shoes and boots that are, at the moment, haphazardly spread across your closet floor? Could your jewelry use fitted compartments instead of being stashed in a dresser drawer? Would getting dressed be easier if your ties were better arranged? Would you welcome a way for your children to intuitively put away their belongings when they get home from school? Do you actually need more closet space? There’s a solution for each of these scenarios and other organization challenges you may face.



Step 3: Invest

From closets to the garage, pool house, mudroom, and more, California Closets has a customized solution for every area of your home. Invest in those solutions that work just right for your lifestyle and your budget, then reap the rewards.



Step 4: Focus

While envisioning the big picture, don’t forget to focus on important details that are often overlooked, such as accessories, garment rods, hampers, baskets, valet pins, finishes, and lighting that all play a role in the final organization system. For instance, strategically placed valet pins, within a child’s reach, can encourage kids to take more responsibility in dressing themselves.



Step 5: Enjoy!

The final step is best of all. At last, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor! That includes:

Having easier access to your clothing and accessories

Spending less time searching for needed items

Eliminating unnecessary stress

Starting and ending your day calm and relaxed

Focusing less on the small stuff and more on what matters most


Take the first step to your organized life and request a complimentary consultation or visit one of California Closets’ local showrooms.

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Rockland & Hudson Valley 83 South Main Street, New City
Manhattan & Brooklyn 26 Varick Street | 1625 York Avenue, New York
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