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Wood-Fired vs. Brick Oven: What’s the Difference?


According to Trattoria San Giorgio’s Joe Comizio, wood-fired is made using a brick oven, oftentimes cranking out single-serving pies. Using wood as fuel produces high heat and provides a nice char to the crust, but also embeds a smoky flavor in the finished pizza. Brick ovens are often wood-fired, but can be gas-fired. These can be more temperamental when it comes to holding a consistent temperature. Other places use coal to fuel their ovens, which provides a similar char while keeping a more consistent level of heat, but for the cooks, it can be a bit messy to keep in a kitchen. Fun fact: true Neapolitan pizza requires an oven above an unwavering 800°F (Comizio finishes a pie in 60-90 seconds), and has an opening of about 12-14 inches for individual-sized pies.

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