Wizard Burger Cooks up Meatless Wonders in Albany

Photos by Beth Mickalonis Design & Photography LLC

Whether you’re trying to eat vegan or vegetarian or simply want a really good burger, you’ll love the mouthwatering menu at Wizard Burger.

The new (vegan) kid on the block, this Capital Region burger bar is a must-visit. With the motto “eat clean and prosper,” all burgers, chicken sandwiches, and desserts are devoid of animal products. The eatery’s vibe is ideal for all the spooky friends in your life, with references to pop culture, mythological creatures, and wizarding lore. The menu is right out of a Dungeons and Dragons game, with juicy bites like the popular Sorcerer Supreme and the Barbarian, both made with Impossible patties, American “cheese,” onions, pickles, and a potato bun. The Barbarian comes with “Mad Mayo” sauce, a wicked, plant-based twist on mayochup.

Wizard Burger

Lord of the Rings fans will be delighted by burgers from Middle Earth itself: the Orc Popper made with a potato bun, Impossible patty, cream “cheese,” American “cheese,” pickled jalapeño, beer-battered onion rings, and melba sauce (a French dressing made with puréed and strained raspberries and currant jelly), and the Bilbo-Q, with American “cheese,” onion rings, jalapeño, and BBQ sauce. If faux red meat isn’t your thing, check out The Raptor, a potato bun piled high with plant-based fried chicken, lettuce, and mayo. All burgers and sandwiches can be ordered “Wizard Style,” (making it a double). Pair meals with crunchy tater tots that can be topped with vegan chili cheese and pulled pork, or the super-sweet Pixie Swarm—sweet potato tots with maple syrup, chocolate sauce, and marshmallows, which can double as dessert.

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Wizard Burger

Wizard Burger goes beyond, well, burgers with a variety of espresso drinks, canned and bottled beer, and even breakfast sandwiches. The Second Breakfast sandwich (another LOTR reference) is the perfect morning treat: A potato bun loaded with Just Egg (egg substitute), Impossible sausage, tater tots, American “cheese,” maple syrup, and jalapeño garlic crema.

Follow their gorgeous Instagram (@thewizardburger) for specials and events like Black Sabbath trivia, featuring fantastic and fun $6 purple margaritas.

74 North Pearl Street, Albany • wizardburger.com

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