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Here’s Proof That Burgers and Wine Are a Perfect Pairing


Beer is great, but vino will take your sliders to a whole new level.

Few pairings beat the effortlessly iconic combination of burgers and beer. Yet, as the endless innovation in the world of food and drink proves, sometimes you should mess with a good thing. Case in point: the partnership of hamburgers and wine may be more unusual, but that’s not to say that it’s not just as good as, if not better than its beer-inclusive alternative.

To prove a point, we asked Christine Barnes, co-owner of di’Vine Wine Bar in Wappingers Falls, to share a few of her preferred vinos to drink alongside a perfectly juicy burger. Pick your favorite combo, or try all three.

Classic Burger

“For a nice charred burger dressed simply I would recommend an Oregon Pinot Noir or a French Syrah,” says Barnes. “These wines have subtle tannins and earthy characteristics that complement the charred meat. They also have peppery undertones that add flavor to a simple burger.”

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Bold Burger

“For a burger with bold toppings (bacon, blue cheese, onions), I would definitely recommend a bigger red like California Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel or an Argentina Malbec,” Barnes explains. “These wines have lush fruits usually rich with cherry and black currant flavors and carry a more robust spiciness.”

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Wine at Di’Vine / Photo by Christine Barnes

Spicy Burger

If you love a bit of kick on your patty, “you would want a red that has hint of vanilla,” Barnes notes. “We carry an Australian red blend that would work well (Hopes End Red Blend) or even a French rosé would work as well.”

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