Why Serving Fried Chicken and Pot Pie at a Wedding is Okay

Who says you’ve got to stick to steak and salmon? Serve what you enjoy eating — and your guests will enjoy it, too

Let’s talk about one of the most memorable — and expensive — aspects of your wedding: the food! Your menu is a reflection of your specific tastes and can carry through the theme of your wedding. Have fun with it! Don’t afraid to step away from the mold and choose foods that you would like.

A bride-to-be asks…
“When I told my parents my wedding menu, they were beside themselves. My folks are very traditional. But my fiancé and I want wholesome food like fried chicken, pot pie, and macaroni and cheese. How can I explain to my parents why we’ve picked such untraditional foods — and how do I convince them that our guests will like it?”

The Wedding Guru says…
Of course you should select the items you want on your menu! You can even tell your parents that foods like these remind you of your mom and grandmother’s table and you want to celebrate that. If this is the food that you remember fondly, and that you believe your guests will appreciate instead of the typical ones like steak and roasted potatoes, they should understand. It is, after all, your wedding, and you should have the privilege of choosing the foods that you enjoy.

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