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Where to Find the Valley’s Best Challah


The holiday season is upon us yet again, and, while gathering with family is great and giving gifts is grand, the thing we’re most looking forward to is definitely the bread.

Pillow-soft and pleasantly rich, challah is a traditional Jewish yeasted bread typically served for Sabbath and other festive occasions, like Hanukkah. It’s similar to brioche in that it’s made from what bakers call an enriched dough, meaning the recipe calls for heavier ingredients than just the flour, water, salt, and yeast used to bake an average loaf. In this case, eggs and oil work together to create a warm, yellowish hue, fine crumb, and that richer taste, while sugar adds a hint of something sweet.

Ready to try it? For the best braided breads around, we recommend…

Challah on the Hudson; 46 Grandview Ave, Kingston; 845.656.7424; find them on Facebook

The Challah Fairy; 170 N Main St, Ste 104, New City; 845.323.4582; find them on Facebook

Beacon Bread Company; 193 Main St, Beacon; 845.838.2867; www.beaconbread.com

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