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Where to Find the Chewiest, Gooiest Cookies in the Hudson Valley



Who doesn’t love a good cookie?

Now we’re not talking about the packaged grocery store staples that you may or may not eat in one sitting (cough, cough Oreos). No, we’re referring to the home-baked, melt-in-your-mouth varieties that come warm from the oven and practically beg to be devoured. Often hidden inside grandmothers’ kitchens and big city bakeries, the beloved indulgences have a quiet, yet flavorful presence in the Hudson Valley. They might not be at the same level as apple cider donuts — yet — but maybe that’s a good thing. More for us, right?

Do your sweet tooth a favor and take a browse through some of the most decadent, stuffed, and sumptuous cookies the Valley has to offer. Be warned — you’re going to want a tall glass of milk for this one.



Every pumpkin carver gets a free pumpkin cookie. #nightof100pumpkins #ilovethebakery #newpaltz

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The Bakery

New Paltz

If the name didn’t give you enough of a hint, The Bakery excels at homemade treats of all sorts. For locals in the know, however, the shop’s cookies are the true shining stars. Fall in love with the pumpkin oatmeal and gingerbread cookies in the cooler months, then enjoy the almond crescents and black and white cookies all year long.



One of the things that makes work:shop special is our pop-up cafe! This year Beacon Pantry will offer a large array of homemade sweet and savory pastries, breads and desserts. Settle in with a selection of soups for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. Look for Beacon Pantry’s famous chocolate chip cookies, bacon-cheddar biscuits, savory hand pies, classic rustici, croissants, focaccia sandwiches and of course plenty of Stumptown coffee and hot local cider. Come warm up with Beacon Pantry at work:shop winter market on Dec 8 + 9! More information at workshopwintermarket.com #workshopwintermarket #beaconny #tasty #stayandeat #realfood #treat #shoplocal #shoplocalbeacon #hudsonvalleyfun #wintermarkethudsonvalley

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Beacon Pantry


If Beacon Pantry isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of really, really good chocolate chip cookies, it’s time to reevaluate your priorities. The artisanal grocery store is locally famous for its loaded chocolate chippers, which are wonderfully thick and packed with shards of semisweet chocolate that gets just the right amount of melty when warm.

Yeah, you’ll want at least five.



Cardoso Cookies

Hopewell Junction, online only

If you’ve never had a Cardoso cookie: 1. What are you doing with your life? 2. Go get you some immediately. The heavenly treats are impossibly soft and thick (no wimpy cookies here!). As for flavors, the bittersweet brownie and birthday sugar cookies are must-haves, while the newer cookie dough-stuffed brownies are the perfect balance of two of your favorite sweets in one. Cardoso is online only, so visit the website for a rundown of the dozens of desserts available.



Experimenting with sizes. Mini cookies soon to come 😊😋

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Cyn’s Sweet Tooth

Poughkeepsie, online only

Based in Poughkeepsie, owner Cynthia Herivaux crafts cookie delights to satisfy ALL your cravings. Think a chocolate chip pretzel cookie that hits the sweet and salty spot and a seasonal pecan pie cookie that tastes just like the real deal. Cyn’s is currently online only, so reach out @cynssweettooth on Instagram if you want to place an order.



Ella’s Bellas


Sweet tooth eaters with any sort of intolerance (dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, you name it!) need to take a trip to Ella’s Bellas, the sugar paradise in central Beacon. Even if you don’t have a restriction, you’ll want to sample at least one of every single baked good on offer. Can’t decide which one to choose? The triple chocolate charmer is a go-to favorite for chocoholics, while the Mexican wedding cookies are just the thing to pair with an afternoon cup of joe.



Frida’s Bakery & Café


Milton’s small-town bakery hides more than one hidden gem on its cookie menu. Ask for whatever’s fresh from the oven when you get there, then prepare for option overload as you pick and choose between hearty oatmeal cookies and delicate madeleines. Of course, you could always plan ahead and pick up an assorted box to go.



🚨 Cookie drop tonight!! 🚨 7pm EDT

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Halfsies Cookie Co.

Marlboro, online only

No, you’re not getting short-changed at Halfsies. In fact, the Marlboro-based business makes its name on loaded cookies sliced precisely in two. The local company has developed such a cult following that its cookie “drops,” which often take place on Fridays and are announced on its website and on Instagram, sell out in the blink of an eye. As for how to get the goods, expect them to arrive vacuum-packed at your door a few days after they ship. When it comes to flavors, go for broke with the birthday cake sugar cookie with vanilla chips or the snickerdoodle cookie with sea salt caramel chips. You’ll need a tall glass of milk to wash down these mammoth treats.



Kitchen Sink Cookies #cookies #bakerylife #hudsonvalley #shoplocal

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Lisa’s Cookie Shop

Goshen, Montgomery, Warwick

Since 2004, Lisa Ciriello has made life in the Hudson Valley just a little sweeter with her nostalgia-packed cookies. Her famous Kitchen Sink cookie, for instance, is based on a beloved aunt, while her dreamy raspberry bars draw inspiration from her time in Germany. The shop doesn’t have a dedicated storefront, but interested snackers can find the treats at Pennings Farm Market in Warwick, Late Bloomer Farm in Montgomery, and Quaker Creek Store in Goshen.



Nilda’s Desserts

Poughkeepsie, online and throughout the Hudson Valley

As something of a standby snack for Vassar College students, Nilda’s desserts are a must for cookie monsters in the Hudson Valley. Eat fan-favorite flavors like sprinkle, peanut butter chip, and oatmeal chocolate straight out of the package or, if you’re patient, microwave them a few seconds to create a cookie that’s so warm and soft you’ll never be able to stop at just one. P.S. Nilda’s blondies and brownies are an excellent base for ice cream sundaes, too.



Trust your gut. Have a cookie! #snickerdoodle #nocturnalcookies #opennow

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Nocturnal Cookies


When it comes to late-night cravings in Albany, no one delivers like Nocturnal Cookies. The Albany shop caters to the region’s college crowd with soft bites that come in flavors like M&M chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, and triple chocolate chunk. Vegan and gluten-free varieties are available, too.

If you’re smart, you’ll get a warm box, plus a pint of milk, delivered to your dorm or apartment for all your nighttime snacking needs. Both delivery and pick-up options are available after midnight during the week and until 1:30 a.m. on weekends.



SIMPLY THE BEST. Thank you! #betterthanitaly #trixiesoven

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Trixie’s Oven


Helmed by drag queen Trixie Starr, the Hudson shop is nothing less than a nirvana for cookie lovers in the Hudson Valley. Standby flavors like Trixie’s Peanut Butter Kisses, Mint Chocolate Chips, and Trixie Doodles shine bright, while seasonal flavors like Gingerbread Trixie and Great Pumpkin Spice are a must if you can get them in time. Vegan eaters will be over-the-moon for the peanut butter chocolate chippers, while gluten-free fans will love the coconut macaroons.

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