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Waffle De Lys Food Truck


As soon as the weather warms in March, the Waffle de Lys cart starts appearing in the terrace area of the food court of Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Central Valley, just off the Thruway. They set up shop on weekends and sunny weekday afternoons. You’ll know they’re there before you see them: The aroma of the sweet Belgian waffles fills the air, drawing hungry shoppers for a taste of this distinctively European dessert. French-born owner Lucie Dunan explains that these are traditional Liege waffles from Belgium, which are caramelized and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. Each costs $4. Add the topping of your choice for $1 a pop, whether homemade whipped cream, dark Belgian chocolate, or salted caramel and pure fruit sauces from France (raspberry is a favorite). A scoop of vanilla ice cream is $2. Dunan makes savory waffles, too, like gruyere with potatoes, but they’re only for sale at her shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, and at catered events. What a great excuse to throw a party! 917-312-3373; www.waffledelys.com