Where to Get Sourdough Breads in the Hudson Valley

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These Hudson Valley bakeries craft top-tier sourdough loaves featuring local ingredients and traditional techniques.

Sourdough bread is an art form, and something professional bakers take very seriously—especially in the Hudson Valley.

Since the bread-making boom that arose in the midst of the pandemic, sourdough has become more popular than ever. People across the country took part in their own DIY breadmaking, activating yeast and all. Due to this boom, you can imagine the average person has developed a more advanced palate. But alas, local bakeries have risen to the occasion to deliver some of the best sourdough breads you can find in the Hudson Valley (or, dare we say, anywhere).

So forget the oven, put away that yeast starter, and indulge in these ready-to-eat artisanal baguettes and loaves alike.

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All You Knead


Owner Simone Williams is very particular and precise with her sourdough. Living in San Francisco for several years has given her the expertise to craft the perfect sourdough—as the city has its own signature style. The All You Knead plain sourdough loaf takes three days to make in warmer months, and four in the winter. With ingredients in mind, the bakery keeps it simple. The bread consists only of flour, water, and salt. Consequently, the loaf itself is blistery and crusty on the outside, with an airy and non-dense center.

Beacon Bread Co.


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What sounds better than crispy, French-style, sourdough bread? Beacon Bread Co. has been serving the greater Hudson Valley community since 2014. Its sourdough, of course, has been a staple of brunch feasts at the Dutchess County hotspot for years. However, this bakery’s breadmaking process is no easy feat. The sourdough bread takes two days to make. It starts with mixing and bulk fermenting the dough, then resting the dough for an additional 24 hours. Crisp on the outside, as well as chewy and airy on the middle, this is the closest one gets to bread heaven. In addition, the signature house sourdough can be bought as loaves or boules. 

Bread Alone

Kingston, Boiceville, Rhinebeck, Woodstock

If you’re looking for a variety of sourdough bread, Bread Alone is the place to be. The organic San Francisco-style sourdough features a distinctive, tangy center. Out of all its breads, this one may be the most sour (in a wonderful way). This bread enjoys a long and cool overnight rest, similar to breads made on the West Coast. On the other hand, Bread Alone’s organic whole wheat sourdough, or miche, is a Bread Alone fan-favorite. This loaf is equally as nutty as it is sour, and not nearly as sour as the San Francisco one. There’s also a delightfully dark walnut bread. Finally, Bread Alone’s organic French sourdough, or pain au levain, is soft and tender. This loaf is a naturally leavened bread that finds its sour flavor through “a heavy dose of liquid levain and overnight fermentation,” according to Bread Alone’s site.

Katie Rose Bakery

Hopewell Junction

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Culinary Institute of America alum Katlynn VanZandt is dedicated to her craft of breadmaking. Her bakery makes an exquisite sourdough bread that few could resist. The loaf itself is sour, but not too sour. This bread is perfect for people who don’t usually like sourdough. And Katlynn would know, as she’s been perfecting this loaf for over two years. The inside is light and airy like a cloud, with a crunchy golden crust. Happen to crave other fixings? Katie Rose offers a selection of baked goods from gluten-free chocolate chip cookies to blueberry crostatas. 


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Kingston Bread+Bar


The people over at Kingston Bread+Bar know their way around a sourdough loaf. For instance, take their classic sourdough: The Upstate Levain. This particular loaf is made with the bakery’s special 50/50 mix of white and whole wheat flour. The locally sourced flour, (courtesy of Hudson Valley Farm Hub Flour), is hearty and earthy. Distinctively, this is a fairly dark bake. However, the inside is light and creamy, with an airy and uniform structure. As you can imagine, the outside is perfectly crusty and crisp. Although it has the classic sourdough tang, this loaf is on the sweeter end of the spectrum. Pair this sourdough with a veggie dip or toasted with your favorite butter, and you’re in business for a delicious snack..

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