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Sweeten Your Holiday Gatherings With These Easy Fall Cocktails



Honey is the not-so-secret superfood of fall. When it comes to uses, the sticky substance eases sore throats, enhances tea, and acts as a natural substitute for sugar in quick loaves and cookie recipes. 

With so many possibilities for the all-natural ingredient, it’s hardly a surprise that it makes a top-notch addition to craft cocktails as well. Before fall festivities arrive in full force, upgrade your bartending game by blending up a few drinks with KAS Krupnikas, the Lithuanian honey-spiced liquor made right in Mahopac.

Although the recipe for KAS itself is a secret, the uses for the sweet spirit are not. Co-founder Marushka Osman shared not one, but three signature cocktails to spice up the holidays in the Hudson Valley. Happy sipping!


Cider Stinger / Drink photos provided by Marushka Osman


Cider Stinger


2 oz KAS Krupnikas
5 oz fresh apple cider
Lemon juice to taste


Add all the ingredients into an ice-filled glass. Stir and enjoy!



Exotic Orchard


1 oz KAS Krupnikas
1 oz dark rum
Hot apple cider
Whipped cream


Heat the apple cider. Add KAS and rum, then stir. Top with whipped cream and serve with cinnamon stick.



Hot Cider


2 oz KAS Krupnikas
4-5 oz hot apple cider
Cinnamon stick


Heat fresh apple cider, add KAS, and serve with cinnamon stick.

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