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This Emerald Cocktail Is the Only Thing to Drink on St. Patrick’s Day

Photo by Angry Orchard

With crème de menthe and crisp cider, Angry Orchard’s Luck of the Orchard recipe is the perfect way to cheers to the holiday.

Sure, St. Patrick’s Day is all about Irish culture and an abundance of green. It’s also a dream for foodies, thanks to the array of corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and Guinness. Yet what would the holiday be without a green-themed drink or two? As an alternative to green beer, Angry Orchard shakes up a seasonal cocktail featuring its signature Crisp Apple cider. Not only is it simple to prepare and delicious to drink, but it’s just the thing to celebrate the luck of the Irish in the Hudson Valley.

Luck of the Orchard


4 oz Angry Orchard Crisp Apple cider
1 oz vodka
0.5 oz crème de menthe
0.25 oz lemon juice


Shake and strain over ice in a rocks glass. Top with Angry Orchard Crisp Apple. Garnish with a mint sprig.


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