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Get Toasty With These Summery S’mores Desserts in the Hudson Valley

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Everyone’s favorite campfire sweet gets the gourmet treatment with specialty graham crackers, homemade marshmallows, and unexpected twists.

Who doesn’t remember those hazy summer evenings spent toasting marshmallows to a golden crisp over a crackling fire? Charred ‘mallows notwithstanding, the toasty treats were destined for homes atop melty chocolate bar pieces before being artfully smushed between graham cracker halves. The resulting creations were always a little messy, a little oozy, and, as that first bite revealed, 100-percent delicious.

While the classic s’mores of our childhood memories remain timeless, we now know that the iconic graham cracker + chocolate + marshmallow combination is far more versatile than a simple sandwich. As the chefs and restaurants of the Hudson Valley prove, s’mores is both a flavor and an experience, one that connects us back to the heyday of our youth.

So without further ado, behold the s’mores-tastic wonders to be found across the Hudson Valley. We can’t promise they won’t be sticky, but we can say that the mess will be worth it.

Amanda’s Macaron Shoppe


With its brick-and-mortar location opening at Eastdale Village in Poughkeepsie this August, Amanda’s Macaron Shoppe is ready to celebrate summer with a bang. It’s S’moreos macaron is a warm-weather favorite, with a toasty shell stuffed with notes of graham cracker, Oreos, and marshmallow goodness. P.S. All of Amanda’s macarons are gluten-free, so the treats are an excellent pick for s’mores lovers who can’t dig into traditional graham crackers.

Caked Up Café

New City

Is there a flavor that Caked Up doesn’t carry? Among its menu of 90 varieties (yes, really) is its much-beloved s’mores concoction. Available as a cake, cupcake, cake jar, and parfait, it features a chocolate cake base with a graham cracker crust that’s filled and topped with a toasted marshmallow buttercream so addictive you will want to lick your fingers. To finish it off, Caked Up tops each masterpiece with a Hershey bar piece (or, if you’re lucky, a full s’more) for true summertime bliss.

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S’mores Cookies 🔥🔥🔥

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Cardoso Cookies

Hopewell Junction

Hudson Valley cookie creator Cardoso Cookies does pretty much every flavor under the sun, so you know there’s a s’mores cookie on the lineup. This one has the same soft consistency as Cardoso’s signature chocolate chipper, but it adds in mini marshmallows, Callebaut milk chocolate chips, and crushed graham crackers for a sweet bite that’s – dare we say it – better than the original.

Countryside Kitchen


Countryside Kitchen is famous for its cannoli pancakes, and for good reason. Yet its massive s’mores pancakes and waffles are low-key superstars on the menu, too. For both, the Mahopac eatery tops them with layers of toasty fluff, crushed graham crackers, and chocolate chips for meals that might technically qualify as dessert but are completely acceptable breakfast choices in our book.

Emack & Bolio’s


Emack & Bolio’s knows that choosing between ice cream and s’mores for dessert is practically impossible, which is why it fuses the two into one treat that satisfies all the cravings. Order the Toasted S’moreo – that’s toasty marshmallow with graham crackers and Oreos for you – in a cup or cone (waffle, chocolate, candy, or nut, the choice is yours) to keep it classic. Sundae lovers, meanwhile, might want to use the ice cream as a base for fluffy marshmallow topping and homemade fudge sauce to take the s’mores experience to the next level.

Heritage Food + Drink

Wappingers Falls

It’s hard to convince us to stray from Heritage’s cast-iron chocolate chip cookie, but the s’mores pie might just do the trick. The Wappingers Falls restaurant swaps in a chocolate graham cracker crust for the traditional, then tops it with toasted house marshmallows for a dish that’s most certainly deserving of a ‘gram.

Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co.


It wouldn’t be a s’mores guide without a mention of the Hudson Valley’s dedicated marshmallow shop. As fantastic as Hudson Valley Marshmallow Co.’s all-natural ‘mallows are on their own, they’re even more magnificent when sandwiched between two of the shop’s homemade graham crackers. Plus, with marshmallows ranging from vanilla to salted caramel and graham crackers in flavors like chocolate chip and cinnamon sugar, the s’mores of your dreams is as customizable as you make it. Our pick? The French toast marshmallow between chocolate graham crackers is like breakfast for dessert, but so, so much better.

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Smores 🍫

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Last Chance Antiques & Cheese Café


Last Chance in Tannersville may be all about cheese (hello cheese plates and fondue!), but its campfire s’mores dessert is what truly steals hearts. Mouths will water just thinking about the melty Swiss chocolate, crispy graham crackers, and fluffy marshmallows that make this treat a temptation all year.

Mill House Brewing Company


Mill House does so many things well, and s’mores are no exception. After dinner in Poughkeepsie, save room for the s’mores ice box cake, a dreamy confection that layers chocolate ice box cheesecake atop a graham cracker crust. Brûléed meringue tops off a dessert that is as show-stopping to behold as it is to eat. Depending on when you visit, you might just get lucky with a seasonal treat like Mill House’s s’mores pierogi, part of its This Ain’t Fair Fare Pop-Up menu, too.

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