Sign up for These Hudson Valley CSAs for Farm-Fresh Produce

For the ripest fruits and vegetables, look to local community-supported agriculture.

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For the ripest fruits and vegetables, look to local community-supported agriculture (CSA) and score fresh produce in every harvest season.

Think of community-supported agriculture, or CSAs, as a form of temporary investment, buying a share of a season’s produce ahead of time as a way of guaranteeing that it will be available come harvest. In the Hudson Valley, many CSAs are new endeavors on old farmland, serving as a bridge between past and present, as well as a form of protection for some of our most enduring traditions. In return for your investment, they guarantee a certain quantity of produce every single week, with a typical focus on vegetables and fruits.

The benefits of organic, local produce simply can’t be denied, and, as compared to products bred for color or size, the heterogeneous and strange-looking often hide a superior flavor.

Every Hudson Valley farm produces its own particular yield, and so each farm CSA is unique. Some focus on the June to October growing season, while others offer additional shares for year-round crops, from root vegetables in the winter to corn in the summer and squash in the fall. Consequently, the means of actually joining a particular CSA is particular to that CSA, though most include instructions and contact information on their website.

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Most CSAs operate on a pick-up schedule, with specific times that members can come to the farm, a market, or some other location (a local coffee shop, bar, or restaurant, for instance) and take home their share. It’s a good idea to pick a farm near you, or one that allows for pick-up near to your location.

This guide provides options for all diets and seasons. Prices represent the 2021 season:

Albany County

Threshold Farm harvesting vegetables
Threshold Farm photo by Hanna Bail and Hugh Williams

Threshold Farm


In operation for almost 25 years, this orchard provides plums, pears, peaches, and over 18 varieties of apples, and boasts that its land has never been treated with pesticides or artificial fertilizers since the farm’s founding in the late 1700s. CSA sign-ups are approximately $200 a share.

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Edible Uprising Farm


Edible Uprising Farm offers both a summer and a fall CSA in the Hudson Valley. Growing over 200 varieties of vegetables, the farm provides members with a plethora of produce all season. Shareholders can choose between a large or small share. There’s also a flex share for people who only want specific items. Pickups are every Wednesday or Saturday. Customers living near Troy may be eligible for delivery.

Columbia County


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Common Hands Farm 


Just outside of Hudson, Common Hands Farm is passionate about providing fresh, unique, and high-quality produce to a wide customer base. This CSA prizes permaculture and other regenerative techniques, and grows varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. Choose from three different share options, with a variety of 100-plus varieties of vegetables and herbs, and extras like herb tea blends, hot sauce, and pickled peppers. The farm also supplies to Hudson Valley farmers’ markets, as well as restaurants that are dedicated to buying organically grown, fresh ingredients.

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Deep Roots Farm


Located in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in Copake, this 40-acre farm uses 100-percent organic methods. Deep Roots offers a 23-week CSA that includes a variety of produce, pickles, ferments, and more. Members can choose between a regular produce share or a produce-plus share. Pickups are weekly at local farmer’s markets across the Hudson Valley.


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Hawthorne Valley


Established in 1972, this 900-acre farm is USDA certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved. Hawthorne Valley currently provides shares to some 350 members in Columbia County, as well as the New York City communities of Garden City, Inwood, and Riverdale. Customers can either arrange for their shares to be delivered or can pick them up at three greenmarkets located in New York City. Along with weekly shares, members have the opportunity to learn about cooking, preserving, and growing vegetables. A local fruit share is $250. 

Liberty Farms


This 600-acre Columbia County farm specializes in regenerative agriculture. Liberty offers a 20-week CSA of vegetables available for pickup across the Hudson Valley. Members can choose between full, medium, and small shares. Egg shares and flower shares are also available. Share prices differ slightly from pickup site to pickup site due to length of travel and administrative fee. Check Liberty’s website for more information.

Meadowland Farm Harvest
Meadowland Farm photo by Marykate Chillemi

Dutchess County

Meadowland Farm

Clinton Corners

This Dutchess County farm has been around since the 1790s. Meadowland’s CSA boasts seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs, as well as a special meat and poultry share. Produce comes pre-bagged and is available for pickup every Friday between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Becoming a CSA member is not only healthy, but a great way to reduce waste and carbon emissions. The early bird vegetable share is $575, but regular cost is $600.

Meadowland Farm photo by Marykate Chillemi

Breezy Hill Orchard


This Staatsburg farm has a CSA for everyone. The fruit share, ideal for a household of three to five, will get you around 3 lbs of organic fruit weekly for 22 weeks. The egg share is also 22 weeks and comes with a dozen eggs – grown fresh in Clinton Corners – each week. Breezy Hill also offers a pasta share. This CSA includes 12 oz of delicious, fresh pasta made by hand. Flavors include plain, whole wheat, carrot, spinach and tri-color. This share is also 22 weeks. Contact Breezy Hill for prices.


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Obercreek Farm

Wappingers Falls

Located in the hamlet of Hughsonville, Obercreek has been growing sustainable, organic produce since 2012. The farm’s vegetable share is 24 weeks and runs from June to November. Each week, members can pick up their share at the farmstand’s drive-through. Typically, customers receive eight veggies and seasonal herbs each week. The share is $700. 


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Rock Steady Farm & Flowers


This LGBTQIA+ owned and operated cooperative farm is rooted in social justice and growing sustainable vegetables. Rock Steady currently supplies CSA shares to over 400 members. The farm offers two 20-week vegetable shares. The full share contains eight to nine items and feeds two to four. The half share comes with five to six items and generally feeds one to two people. Weekly shares of fruit, eggs, cheese, meat, and/or yogurt are available for add-on. Rock Steady shares can be picked up at eight separate locations around the Hudson Valley. Check out the website for more information. 


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Greene County

Stoneledge Farm


A certified organic farm in operation for more than 20 years, this CSA offers special shares for vegetables, mushrooms, beans, and coffee. The CSA runs 24 weeks from June to November. Customers can pick up their shares from a variety of locations including New York City, Connecticut, and the across the Hudson Valley. A typical share includes items like Swiss chard, broccoli, radishes, bok choy, and more. Full vegetable share is $595 and a small vegetable share is $450.


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Orange County

Bialas Farms

New Hampton

For three-quarters of a century, this family farm has operated on the same land, and focuses on vegetables. A one-time payment in June allows farmers to grow and harvest over 100 different seasonal items. Customers receive hand-selected assortments of eight to 10 items with each weekly share box. The farm offers several share packages including a small share, a large share, and a biweekly large share. Members are also sent weekly newsletters with delicious recipes. Check the website for CSA pricing.

Blooming Hill Farm


Since the 1980s, Blooming Hill has sold produce to local restaurants and markets around the Hudson Valley. Known for its eclectic, unaltered and broad offerings, this 100-acre Orange County farm grows and forages over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Blooming Hill offers five CSAs in New York and New Jersey. Each program is slightly different. The farm also offers a market CSA, which allows customers to sign up anytime during the year instead of at the beginning of the season. The market program also provides members with a CSA credit they can use at the farmstand. Check the website for more information. 


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Gray Family Farm


This 15-week CSA has weekly baskets of local, fresh produce available for delivery and pickup. Members are provided with an assortment of organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, pasture raised poultry, and eggs, as well as specialty items like honey, maple syrup, and fresh flowers. The share is $1,300 a season, or roughly $85 per week. Off-season a la carte and fresh seafood add-ons are also available.

Choy Division


Founded in 2019, this Asian-owned and -operated half-acre farm uses regenerative agricultural techniques to grow East Asian heritage crops. A typical share includes noodle beans, cilantro, Thai basil, gai lan, bok choy, chili peppers, and more. Each share is accompanied with an email with recipes, preservation methods, and information about the produce. Customers can opt for a half or full share, as well as a spicy or mild. Full season shares are $560 for 20 weeks. Half shares are $300 for 10 weeks.


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Putnam County

Longhaul Farm


Founded on family land, this farm is committed to zero waste by growing diverse crops, fertilizing with animal and plant manures, and including livestock as part of the growing process. Longhaul offers a CSA summer share, which runs 12 weeks from June to the end of August. Weekly boxes typically include six to eight items. Members receive produce such as lettuce, kale, cucumber, squash, and tomatoes. Pickup on the farm is every Tuesday and Friday. CSA sign-ups are $430 a share.

Hudson Valley Mushrooms


Committed to sustainable food production, this micro-farm in Putnam County specializes in traditional log-grown shiitake mushrooms farmed outdoors without single-use plastics. Twelve- or 16-week CSAs are available starting in June. A full share will get you one pound of shiitakes per week. Other mushroom varieties, including log-grown oyster mushrooms, are provided on occasion. Full shares start at $192, half shares at $96. 

SPACE on Ryder Farm


An early adopter of the organic farming movement, Ryder Farm is one of the oldest continuously held family farms on the East Coast. The farm’s CSA, named The Harvest Club, allows community members to purchase season-long subscriptions of produce, art and/or flowers. The share runs 18 weeks from June to October with an optional fall add-on. Mushroom add-ons are also available. Fifty percent of Harvest Club subscriptions go to Putnam and Westchester County individuals and families in need. 

The Parcel Flower Co.

Cold Spring

This wife-and-husband team bring fresh, sustainably grown flowers to the Hudson Valley community. The company offers three CSAs: an $80 four-week tulip share, a $160 eight-week share of summer mixed bouquets, and $150 six-week share of dahlias. Members can pick up their flowers or have them delivered. Pickups are every Wednesday. Each week’s worth of flowers comes with an arrangement guide. 

Rockland County

Cropsey Community Farm

New City

This CSA is also a model farm, owned and operated on ancestral farmland by Rockland Farm Alliance. Seasonal produce, as well as flowers, eggs, and cheese, can be purchased during pickup at the farm’s pop-up market.  Members receive 24 weeks of fresh, pre-packed, organically grown produce. Each share comes with enough produce to feed a family of four. All crops are grown organically with zero pesticides. Pop-up markets on the farm are also open during the season. Vegetable shares start at $720.

Pfeiffer Center

Chestnut Ridge

The Pfeiffer Center offers a 22-week CSA available for pickup at the Fellowship Community’s Duryea Farm. Members have access to freshly harvested, biodynamically raised vegetables, herbs, and flowers from June to November. Customers will receive a weekly newsletter via email with recipes. The farm also offers shareholders the opportunity to purchase a share for a family in need. 

Ulster County


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Kelder’s Farm


This fruit and vegetable CSA offers weekly and bi-weekly packages for families of any size. The full share includes two boxes a week at $775, while the half share is $500. Seasonal highlights include spears of asparagus in May and winter squash in October. Membership comes with a plethora of farm benefits. CSA customers are granted free admission to the farm all season long. Members can even pick their own fresh fruits and vegetables at Kelder’s U-pick fields.

Gopal Farm

New Paltz

Located on the fertile floodplains of the Wallkill River, this 90-acre New Paltz farm focuses on growing heirloom Indian ethnic specialty vegetables, tropical fruits, spices, and Ayurvedic herbs. All produce is sourced from seeds harvested from India and is grown without the use of chemicals. Members can customize their weekly baskets. They can choose between standard veggies like heirloom tomatoes, cabbage, beets and cauliflower, and Indian produce such as snake gourd, gongura, Methi leaves, and bitter melon. Ethical milk add-ons and fruit box add-ons are available, as well as specialty products like juices, honey, and dehydrated vegetables. Check the website for more information.


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Tributary Farm

High Falls

This 27-acre High Falls farm specializes in organically grown vegetables, small fruits, and honey. Tributary’s 26-week CSA offers over 40 delicious veggies. Customers can choose what produce items go into their shares each week. Pickup is available on weekdays and weekends. Each share contains greens, alliums like onions, garlic or leeks, root vegetables, herbs, and a slew of flavorful seasonal vegetables. CSAs start at $390. Check the website for more info.

Solid Ground Farm


Located in Kingston, this family-operated farm offers a certified-organic vegetable CSA. Members will bring home a bountiful variety of in-season vegetables. Solid Ground’s CSA is free choice; customers get to handpick seven to nine units of produce during weekly pickup. The share operates on a sliding scale. Both small and large shares are available, with the small starting off at $475. Optional egg, fruit, and mushroom add-ons are also offered. 

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