Head to These Hudson Valley Coffee Shops for Your Java Fix

Look no further than these comfy coffee shops for delicious cappuccinos, espresso, lattes, and cold brew along the Hudson River.

Coffee is magic. Every morning, it transforms us from zombies into honest-to-goodness people. It is just as wonderful piping hot in the early sunlight as it is sipped slowly in the middle of the afternoon. Better yet, there is a seemingly endless number of ways to enjoy a jolt of java. From espressos and straight blacks to milky lattes, punchy macchiatos, and foamy cappuccinos, the perfect caffeinated—or decaffeinated—beverage exists for everyone. Of course, there are also plenty of refreshing delights to try, whether they be fizzy nitro cold brews or frozen European-style specialties.

Are you craving a tall cup? Head out to these Hudson Valley coffee shops and roasteries for some of the tastiest brews the area has to offer.

Capital Region (Albany and Rensselaer County)

Jacob Alejandro

Drink: Fruition Mocha


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This Capital Region favorite has deep ties to the Hudson Valley. Owners Alejandro and Jake Griffin-Diaz are passionate about coffee culture, with the latter CIA grad bringing experience from Irving Farm Coffee. Stained glass windows and stunning interior lighting set the scene for exceptional espresso. Seasonal drinks range from creme brûlée lattes and strawberry cold brew mojitos to cranberry white mochas and apple crumble lattes. Follow the shop on Instagram for previews of the endlessly unique caffeinated creations.

Stacks Espresso Bar

Drink: Espresso Frizzante

Espresso purists will adore the selection at this Lark Street coffee shop. Stacks showcases a rotation of guest roasters and regularly hosts tastings, classes, and latte art competitions. The store’s passion is connecting the greater Hudson Valley community with interesting and complex roasts. Explore nuanced flavors through hand-brewed pour-over coffee, or opt for a customizable frappe. For something especially crisp, try the espresso frizzante, a shot over sparkling mineral water with a dash of brown sugar and vanilla syrup.

Columbia County

Hudson Roastery

Drink: Dirty Chai Latte

Are you the type to spend all day hanging out at a local café? If so, you’re in luck. Hudson Roastery turns into a chic wine bar in the evenings, staying open as late as 5 p.m. on the weekends. Try the Rip Van Winkle house blend, a light-medium roast with nutty and cocoa undertones, or Catskill Campfire, a medium roast with single-origin Ethiopian beans swimming in citrus notes and chocolate finishes. Seasonal syrup flavors and teas make Hudson Roastery a must for anyone who likes a chai latte spiked with espresso. Pair any amount of java with a delicious pastry.

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WYLDE Hudson

Drink: RISE Cold Brew


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Another hybrid café and wine bar in Hudson, WYLDE Hudson is much more than just that. The storefront prides itself on “caffeine, collectibles, and culture,” with an inventory of collectible items, vintage clothing, and Hudson Valley-made products. To add to this list, the WYLDE Hudson garage acts as a community space for people to indulge in creativity or coziness as they sip on their choice of latte, wine, or tea in the indoor-outdoor space.

Dutchess County

All That Java

Rhinebeck, Tivoli, Millbrook, Stanfordville 
Drink: Espresso Shot

Perhaps the most adorable inclusion on the list, All That Java’s micro coffee shop model has spread throughout the Valley. What started as one pint-sized operation in Rhinebeck has expanded to Tivoli, Millbrook, and Stanfordville, with the possibility of new locations down the road. Baristas use a Simonelli machine to pour consistently exceptional espresso. Steamed lattes with seasonal flavors are always a hit, like peppermint mocha and pumpkin spice. Above all, All That Java’s true magic lies in its delicious—and convenient—simplicity.

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Bank Square Coffeehouse

Drink: Traditional Macchiato

Bank Square Coffeehouse rests at the very start of Main Street in Beacon, which means it is a hub for train travelers, community members, and everyone in between. Stop in for a coffee before you window-shop through town, or pack your laptop for a day spent nestled in one of the café’s cozy chairs and couches. Explore the ever-expanding coffee menu, which regularly features Vietnamese and Kyoto iced coffees, caramel lattes, and espresso con panna. Then, in warmer weather, sit outside and enjoy a tall pint of beer or cider.

Beacon Bread Co.

Drink: Golden Milk Latte

Beacon Bread Co. is a classic brunch spot in the Hudson Valley, featuring fresh daily bakes and tons of house-made delights, ranging from cured salmon lox to pickled vegetables. Of course, the dedicated team puts just as much effort into the coffee program. High-quality coffee roasted at The Pantry in Cold Spring and manual-pull espresso shots form the foundation for a consistent and creative café experience. On a chilly day, few things soothe the soul like one of the signature lattes.

Beans Cat Café

Beacon, New Paltz
Drink: Cat Lattes


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In Beacon, Jessica and Justin Strika opened Beans Cat Cafe on Main Street as a dedicated place to sip cappuccinos while cuddling up with sweet four-legged friends. After ordering coffee-based drinks like black and white lattes, seasonal macchiatos, and cold brews, visitors can pop into the cat lounge for a pet session. (Of course, cat-themed latte art is always a treat!) A partnership with Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Poughkeepsie helps place countless kitties into new, loving homes. In fact, the Strikas adopted an adorable cat named Baby Oscar just 10 weeks after opening.

Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

Drink: La Primavera

Big Mouth Coffee Roasters is the best of both worlds. Black coffee drinkers, get excited! Ethiopian, Brazilian, Kenyan, Costa Rican, Sumatran, and Colombian beans offer nuanced flavors and bold aromatics on the nose. La Primavera, for instance, is explosive and deep with notes of sweet stone fruit, delicate green tea florals, and well-rounded sweetness. All of the roasting is done in-house, and Hudson Valley java junkies can purchase fresh roasts online. For those seeking a more colorful start to the day, opt for matcha lattes, dirty chais, and macadamia milk cappuccinos.

The Crafted Kup

Multiple Locations in Poughkeepsie
Drink: Café Miel


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Located a short stroll away from Vassar College, The Crafted Kup is a go-to location for students, professors, and community members. Whether you swing by the original shop or visit the newer spaces in the Poughkeepsie Galleria and at Eastdale Village, do yourself a favor and order one of the signature lattes. The Café Miel and the matcha latte are top picks for frothy, creamy, cozy sipping.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Drink: Cold Brew Coffee


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With multiple locations in New York City, Irving Farm is a mainstay for Big Apple residents. Yet the Millerton outpost is the one to bookmark for a local visit, since it sits just a mile away from the company’s roasting facility. As the weather gets warmer, treat yourself to a hipster-chic glass bottle of cold brew coffee that is just as strong as it is smooth. Real coffee fanatics will love hearing about the signature blends and roasts available.

Kelly’s Bakery

Drink: Kelly’s Cortado

Hungry Poughkeepsie residents flock to Kelly’s Bakery most mornings for the absolutely delicious array of pastries, breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and tartines. However, the Hudson Valley hotspot also knocks it out of the park in the beverage department. The shop stocks both Harney and Sons Teas and Irving Farm Coffee from Millerton. Specialty lattes include lavender and matcha, while seasonal drinks range from chai cold brew to orange-cardamom iced coffee. Year-round, Kelly’s cortado is a winning choice, with espresso, steamed milk, and bay leaf essence.

Kitchen & Coffee

Drink: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte

Kitchen & Coffee continues the gluten-free baking tradition that Ella’s Bellas started in the same space. In addition, the coffee and tea menu serves the local vegan and non-dairy community well. Choose between oat, almond, hemp, and soy milk for macchiatos, cappuccinos, cortados, and iced coffees. Plus, the shop sources single-origin coffee from fellow Beacon business Big Mouth Coffee Roasters.

The Poughkeepsie Grind

Drink: Colombian Medium Roast Coffee

Just up the street from the Poughkeepsie train station, the Grind delivers a necessary jolt of caffeine to early morning commuters and Walkway Over the Hudson visitors. The shop has roasted its own high-quality, fair-trade coffee since 2017 (as Illuminated Coffee Co.) The staff is especially friendly, inviting coffee drinkers back for repeat visits. Gourmet waffles are the star of the show at the Grind, with sweet and savory options to satisfy any appetite. Try the Monte Cristo waffle (filled with bacon and ham) with a strong cup of joe. Talk about the perfect pairing!

Ready Coffee

Wappingers Falls, Newburgh, LaGrange
Drink: Mac Daddy


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No list of coffee stops in the Hudson Valley would be quite complete without Ready. This homegrown brand features drive-through locations in both Wappingers Falls, Newburgh, and LaGrange. Every trip to Ready Coffee comes complete with friendly interactions with the energetic staff, plus run-ins with dogs and their pup cups! Of course, the drinks are truly the stars of the show. Flavored lattes delight, like the Mac Daddy (nutty chocolate macadamia) or the Storm King (chocolate hazelnut). Pumpkin spice reigns supreme in the autumn, while eggnog and gingerbread dominate the holiday season. Fresh espresso graces all coffee drinks, getting you ready for whatever challenges the day may bring.

Trax Espresso

Drink: Vanilla Maple Latte

If the name proves anything, it’s that Trax Espresso takes caffeination seriously. The Brooklynesque shop roasts the beans that power its numerous coffee concoctions. Order a plain black coffee to experience the small-batch roasting process at its finest. It doesn’t hurt that the muffins and croissants are delectable either. Seasonal specials like gingerbread, vanilla maple, and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes are pretty sweet as well.

Greene County

Greater Things Roasters

Drink: Apple Pie Chai Latte

Since opening in early 2021, Greater Things Roasters strives to elevate the standard for coffee in the Catskills. From nutty Brazilian beans to citrusy Ethiopian styles, there’s always something interesting and delicious to try. If you take your coffee black, you’ll love the complexity of these single-origin roasts and exotic blends. On the other hand, Greater Things inspires curiosity with its eclectic specials menu. Pistachio-matcha lattes, chocolate stout cold brews, and raspberry white mochas are just a few of the tempting specials you may encounter.

Cafe Joust

Drink: Espresso Affogato

In Catskill, Cafe Joust is focused on plant-centric food and beverages, with a menu that boasts a delicious selection of soups, salads, acai bowls, avocado toasts, and more. The brunch cafe also serves up delicious cold-pressed juices alongside a wide coffee and tea selection. Try the classic latte or cappuccino, or level up your order with a maca chai or a sweet and delectable espresso affogato.

Orange County

2 Alices Coffee Lounge

Cornwall-on-Hudson, Newburgh
Drink: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Latte

With two locations in the Hudson Valley, 2 Alices is a local staple. The laptop-friendly venue serves up an extensive selection of lattes, including ginger spice, vanilla mint, and brown sugar cinnamon. Order a bagel with cream cheese to go with your drink, and you have everything you need for a productive café day. For more adventurous palates, try the spicy Mayan mocha latte or rose petal apple cider. The lounge even offers a noncaffeinated butterbeer steamster.

Cornwall Coffee Co. and Mercantile

Drink: Pistachio Latte With Italian Foam

Open seven days a week, Cornwall Coffee Co. explores the roots of artisanal coffee-making. It all starts with exquisite espresso and a very tasty house blend. The former achieves perfection via an Italian manual-pull La Victoria Arduino lever machine, while the latter is roasted by Red Hook-based J.B. Peel. When the base is this good, the sky is truly the limit for what Cornwall Coffee’s baristas can concoct. Once you’ve had your caffeine fix, check out the coffee shop’s diverse selection of vintage tools, traditional apothecary goods, and homeware.


Port Jervis
Drink: S’mores Latte

Foundry42 is more than just a coffee shop. The lifestyle brand makes furniture from reclaimed materials, curates an art gallery, and crafts some of the most over-the-top caffeinated beverages of any spot on this list. Its coffee bar menu features a long list of flavor shots, ranging from the familiar (vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin spice) to the experimental (elderflower, lavender, maple spice). Though the London Fog is especially popular with Port Jervis patrons, the s’mores latte must be tried to be believed. Personable baristas serve every macchiato, matcha, and “filthy” chai latte—which gets two shots of espresso—with a smile.

Valkyrie Coffee Roasters

Drink: Vietnamese KaPhe

Chester’s ever-popular Valkryie Coffee Roasters entices coffee aficionados with beans from all over the globe. Valkyrie’s husband-and-wife duo have sourced beans from—and visited—Kenya, Tanzania, Sumatra, Brazil, Honduras, and several other countries. Instead of using store-bought syrups, they make sauces and confections in-house. Comforting brick walls, vegan bakes made in-house, and a slew of rotating special drinks make this one of the coziest stops in the Valley. Past specialty drinks include a s’mores-inspired Campfire Mocha and the Bleedin Sweden Latte, a drink that features a lingonberry and cardamom brown sugar sauce. You’ll have to try the KaPhe, a creamy Vietnamese drink made from egg yolks, during your visit.

Putnam County

Cold Spring Coffeehouse

Cold Spring
Drink: Iced Mocha Latte

Carefully sourced and locally roasted, Cold Spring Coffeehouse’s beverage lineup knocks it out of the park. Pair any caffeinated fare with beautifully decorated sugar cookies, vegan croissants, and jalapeno popper pretzels. The baristas take special pride in their espresso, so be sure to try some on its own or in an iced latte. Also, during the holidays, patrons can order specialty treats like pecan agave pie or a vegan take on double crust apple. In a similar vein, one-of-a-kind flavors signal the changing of the seasons, like flower power lattes in the spring and iced raspberry teas in the summer.

Rockland County

Boxer Donut and Espresso Bar

Drink: Espresso Shot

Formerly Gypsy Donut, Boxer Donut serves up delicious fresh-fried donuts and hot coffee. Flavors change daily, keeping things exciting at this iconic Nyack spot. Vegan goodies include the one-of-a-kind kiwi hazelnut donut and a cranberry-walnut scone. Wash these decadent desserts down with cortados, spicy chai lattes, or iced cold nitro. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, try any flavor of the shop’s original milkshake-esque drink known as a blendy. Boxer Donut’s space also offers live music and outdoor seating.

Bunbury’s Coffee Shop

Drink: Wet Cappuccinos

Of course the coffeeshop of Hudson Valley bookworms’ dreams takes its name from an Oscar Wilde play. Bunbury’s curates a collection of novels, mugs, cards, and “whimsical items” for customers to discover. Coffee Labs Roasters in nearby Tarrytown fuels the beverage program in Piermont. Baristas specialize in European-style beverages and pour precise one-ounce ristretto espresso from a top-of-the-line La Marzocco Linea. This results in more potent shots. Lattes are served smooth, and cappuccinos are served “wet”—with a greater ratio of steamed milk to foam.

Salonniere Coffee Bar

Drink: Coffee Granita

Nyack revives the European tradition of salons. Salonniere Coffee Bar is more than just a Hudson Valley coffee shop, but a place for sharing ideas. Owner Marcella Mazzeo, the “salonniere,” brings Sicilian tradition to Rockland County. In warm weather, you have to sample the signature granita, a popular morning treat in Sicily. The Parlor Roast coffee, the base for most drinks, is a unique blend of Costa Rican, Guatemalan, and Colombian coffee. It’s a smooth, elegant roast that Mazzeo dubs a “double French.”

The Village Blend

Drink: Café au Lait


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Three generations of women run The Village Blend in Sloatsburg. Nestled right at the edge of Harriman State Park, this Rockland County coffee shop provides plenty of feel-good vibes. From Instagram-worthy avocado toast with runny eggs to perfect paint-and-sip parties, there’s always an excuse to spend time at this gem. Order café au laits, cortados, and toffee lattes. Then, stay for lunch and enjoy sandwiches like crème brie and crisp apple turkey or cranberry-walnut chicken salad.

Ulster County

Fruition Chocolate Works

Drink: Snickerdoodle Steamer

You know Fruition for its chocolate, but did you also know the Shokan hotspot boasts a dedicated espresso bar? Visit the shop to stock up on all your cocoa needs, then stick around to sip on a scrumptious drink, which could be anything from a classic latte to a snickerdoodle steamer. P.S. Want to jazz up a classic coffee drink? Just add in one of the house-made sauces, such as bourbon caramel or mocha.

Half Moon Rondout Cafe

Drink: Black Coffee (with a donut)

What better way to enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a donut than with a view of the Hudson? Half Moon Rondout Cafe turns that dream into a reality in Kingston. The made-to-order donut bakery and coffee shop opened late in 2020. Seinfeld fans can choose which Half Moon babka is best, as the shop makes both cinnamon and chocolate in-house. Head to the community-oriented java joint for a constantly evolving barista menu, featuring unique drinks like the roohafza latte, bourbon barrel coffee, peppermint mochas, and plenty of top-tier espresso.

Monkey Joe Roasting Company

Drink: Jazzy Joe

Monkey Joe Roasting Company roasts single-origin, specialty-grade coffee. Its small-batch approach means every cup showcases distinctive flavors and aromas from around the globe. Jazzy Joe, one of the signature flavors, has a unique cinnamon-maple profile perfect for home sipping. However, it’s certainly worth it to visit the full-service coffee bar in Kingston for macchiatos, breves, and other classic espresso drinks. In addition, the roasting company also serves locally made scones, bagels, pies, and other coffee-friendly goodies.

Mudd Puddle Coffee Roasters and Café

New Paltz
Drink: Red Eye


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For nearly 22 years, Mudd Puddle has fueled New Paltz with freshly roasted coffee. This Ulster County mainstay has a family feel, and serves a wide assortment of paninis, wraps, and other approachable lunch fare. Take home bags of house-roasted beans for home brewing, or hang out and sample the espresso for yourself. Mochas are extra delicious, due to Mudd Puddle’s homemade cocoa. If you need something with a little zip, try a red eye. Plus, the shop also showcases coffee-infused beers through its sister business in Gardiner, Yard Owl Brewery.

Underground Coffee and Ales

Drink: Cappuccino

Underground has something of a cult following in the Hudson Valley, and for good reason. With a mix of coffee, tea, beer, and wine, the space has a drink to quench your thirst at every hour of the day. Whether you head over for oatmeal and a latte in the morning or beer and a burger at night, you can’t go wrong here. Stay tuned for events like brewery features and other happenings at Underground.

Westchester County

Bobo’s Cafe

Somers, Baldwin Place, Chappaqua, Purchase
Drink: Chagaccino


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More than just a spot to eat, Bobo’s Café cultivates community and creativity with its ever-expanding menu of trendy yet unique breakfast and lunch dishes. What started as a small café in Somers has grown into a popular brunch scene at its four locations in Westchester, serving extraordinary avocado toasts, superb sandwiches, and dazzling salads and bowls daily to loyal regulars and curious newcomers alike. Try any of the rich coffee blends in lattes, cold brews, and cappuccinos, and stay updated on the seasonal specials that boast flavors like mint chocolate, caramel apple, and berry.

The Black Cow Coffee Company

Croton-on-Hudson, Pleasantville, Sleepy Hollow
Drink: Maple Spice Latte

The Black Cow is one of those hole-in-the-wall spots that locals adore for its cozy atmosphere and down-to-earth menu. If you love foam, try the vanilla latte for a cup of caffeine that is made to savor. Of course, there are also wildly inventive and delicious alternatives. Strawberry rose, maple spice, cinnamon bun, guava, and even a sugar-free caramel round out the long list of latte flavors that make the trip to the lower Hudson Valley worth it.

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