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Grab a Free Milkshake at Wayback Burgers to Start Your Summer


It is first day of summer and the longest day of the year, so why not cool off your day with a free milkshake? Today Wayback Burgers are giving out free junior black and white milkshakes in their Hartsdale and Monroe locations.

Local Wayback Burgers owners have carefully stocked up on chocolate, vanilla syrup, and paper goods 30 times more compared to their original supply amount. Each Hudson Valley location expects to hand out hundreds of the frozen beverages today.

Wayback Burgers has locations in 27 states and has locations in Argentina, Brunei, and Saudi Arabia. Not only that, but there are plans for the future to open up more Wayback Burgers in 34 countries.

The fast food company caused attention two years ago when their Long Island location started selling cricket-infused milkshakes. The cricket infusion was meant to supply the milkshake with an alternative form of protein.

All of the free shakes for today will contain no insect powder and will only be filled with creamy delicious ice cream, but if you need more information, visit waybackburgers.com