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Finding Your Valley French Fry Fix



So, here’s the deal: It’s National French Fry Day. That means everyone across the entire continental United States is chowing down on some crisp, golden goodness, while you’re only sitting here thinking about it. Want to make a change for the better? Get your salivary glands pumping with pit stops at this trio of Hudson Valley fry (and tot… that’s right, we went there) masters, and/or head home and follow a pair of recommended recipes from our very own pages. 


Fry-Master Restaurants

Avocado Mexican Restaurant
While there isn’t really anything by way of “authentic Mexican” when it comes to taco fries, there is something quite enticing. And that would be the cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, and jalapenos slathered all over an order of golden fries.
2576 US-9W, Cornwall, NY; 845.534.3350


Newburgh Brewing Company

Not many things go better with a satisfying meal than a good beer. If that thinking applies to you, make a stop by Newburgh Brewing’s Taproom for an order of their rosemary-garlic fries, served with some house-made mayo. If you enjoy more of a spicy kick, grab an order of the spicy chile-lime fries, fresh and hand-cut.

88 Colden St, Newburgh, NY; 845.569.2337


Double O Grill

Just because it’s National French Fry Day doesn’t mean another classic, greasy finger-food shouldn’t get love. Head to Double O Grill and split an order of the double-stuffed tater tots with your friends. These little guys are packed with bacon, cheddar, mashed potatoes, and scallions. Don’t expect to leave with a growling stomach after taking down an order. 

1536 U.S. 9, Wappingers Falls, NY; 845.297.7625


At-Home Recipes

These delicious-looking sweet potato sticks have bacon on them. Kids, please try this at home.

Recipe: Bacon Sweet Potato Sticks with Bacon-Bourbon Sauce
If you’re looking to give this oh-so glorious national holiday a DIY-twist, stop at the grocery store this evening, pick up a few sweet potatoes, enough bacon for the whole family (there’s no such thing as enough bacon), and a few extra ingredients to whip yourself up these mean and saccharine sweet potato sticks.


Recipe: Oven-baked Zucchini-Parmesan Fries
Not in the mod for the standard, starchy fry? You should try fixing up some zucchini-parmesan fries. It’s an incredibly simple recipe, and done correctly, you’ll be enjoying your own crispy, lemon-zested creation in a matter of minutes.