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8 Creamy, Dreamy Cheesecakes to Savor in the Hudson Valley

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Hudson River bakeries serve up classic and creative twists on everyone’s favorite cheesecakes to make dessert even more sinfully sweet.

Cheesecake used to be known as grandma’s secret recipe that only came around during the holidays. Now a vast variety of cheesecake flavors can be found in the Hudson Valley. New Yorkers are obsessed with their sacred cheesecake and have their own way to serve it: creamy, dense, and with just enough sweetness. Plus, whether it’s a classic New Yorker with a plain, creamy center or a crazy Fruity Pebbles cheesecake, the sweet slices are always guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Bakers in the Hudson Valley have taken classic recipes for cheesecake and created their own creative, unique flavors. Can’t wait to get your hands on a slice? Make sure to tag us on Instagram @HudsonValleyMag before diving fork-first into the delicious dessert.

Cheesecake Machismo

Order: Frankencakes

This Hudson Valley hotspot offers a delectably unique variety of cheesecake flavors. Pick up a slice of the popular Frankencake early before it sells out. What’s a Frankencake, you ask? It’s any combination of 12 slices of cheesecake flavors that Cheesecake Machisimo offers to make up one cake.

Hudson Valley Cheesecake

New Paltz
Order: Rainbow Cookie Cheesecake

Hudson Valley Cheesecake is an up-and-coming, family-owned cheesecake bakery best known for its original rainbow cookie cheesecake. This crowd favorite sells out quickly, so the easiest way to know exactly when it’s available is through Instagram. The New Paltz-based business sells seasonal favorites like rich caramel apple crumb cheesecake and even has a breakfast-but-better riff on French toast.

Hudson Valley Baking Company

Order: New York Plain Cheesecake

Hudson Valley Baking Company’s selection of creamy cheesecakes is handcrafted and based on a traditional 1920s recipe that uses an indirectly fired oven to achieve an authentic cooking experience. The bakery prides itself on crafting New York-style cheesecakes using only the finest ingredients to create a perfect flavor and texture that will melt in your mouth.


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Caked Up Café

New City
Order: Rainbow Cookie Cheesecake

This Insta-famous bakery is home to over 90 dessert flavors, eight of which are specific to cheesecakes. Call ahead or stop by the New City sweet shop to see if the seasonal pumpkin cheesecake is available. The Caked Up Café team is constantly serving up new and inventive twists on sweet tooth-approved treats, which means every visit is a sugar-filled adventure. For even more sweets, it offers over 20 cake jar flavors, including French toast and cookie dough.


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Cheesecake Heaven

Order: Key Lime Cheesecake

This home-based and family-run business offers 25 cheesecake flavors based on their grandma’s cheesecake recipe. Try the chocolate bourbon cheesecake or the chocolate Kahlua cheesecake with melted dark Belgian chocolate. Look for Cheesecake Heaven at pop-up shops at farmers’ markets across Dutchess County.


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Last Chance Antiques & Cheese Café

Order: Oreo Crust Cheesecake

Last Chance is all about seizing the cheese on its menu filled to the brim with cheddars, mozzarellas, and more. On the dessert lineup right alongside the tempting campfire s’mores platter is the delicious New York cheesecake served with an Oreo cookie crumb crust.


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Putnam Diner

Order: Strawberry Cheesecake

At the Putnam Diner in Patterson, both classic and fruit cheesecakes are served alongside beloved diner desserts like apple turnovers and carrot cake. Savor a slice on its own or, for a perfect sweet treat, pair it with a hot coffee and a scoop of ice cream for an à la mode presentation.

Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe

Albany and Rensselaer
Order: Fruit-Topped Cheesecake

Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe offers an abundance of sweet desserts, chief of which are the decadent cheesecakes. Raspberry fudge, chocolate walnut, and apple frangipane are just a few of the tempting varieties on offer. The Hudson Valley bakery is also home to delicious cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies, danishes, and brownies. Ask about the Viennese pastry trays for a selection of the chef’s favorite bite-sized desserts.