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Best Gluten-Free Favorites


Pizza: Baba Louie’s


Baba Louie’s has been well ahead of the trend: They’ve featured gluten-free pizza crust for at least five or six years. The no-flour recipe includes dry milk powder and egg whites; diners can opt for a variety of toppings ranging from pepperoni to veggie. The restaurant takes its gluten-free responsibility seriously, providing a placard listing all the ingredients, so diners choose tasty pizzas that meet their dietary needs. 518-751-2155; www.babalouiespizza.com

Pasta: Mix n Mac


Michele Whipland and her husband/chef Jason run this eatery that’s tucked in a Middletown strip mall and specializing in 20 types of mac and cheese — from cheesesteak to chicken. Michele notes, “We have a huge following of gluten-free customers, and we make a conscious effort to be gluten-free in nearly all our dishes.” You won’t even notice the taste difference when you chow down on their wildly popular comfort-food meals. 845-381-5536; www.mixnmac1.com

Cupcakes: Luscious Cupcakery


Fans love this little shop’s tasty dessert choices, from coconut to strawberry cupcakes, as well as cookies, cakes, muffins, and more. And since the Cupcakery mixes its own gluten-free flour on the premises, those with special dietary needs can savor a freshly made treat with no worries. The shop also offers gluten-free vegan desserts. Double deliciousness. 845-565-2855; www.lusciouscupcakery.com

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