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Best Falafel


Opa! Gyros


The secret of great falafel is a no-brainer, says Johnny Trataros, owner of this gem in the uptown Kingston area. Stick with fresh ingredients and make everything from scratch, just like they do in Greece, where chickpeas — the main ingredient in falafel — grow wild. Using old family recipes, Trataros blends chickpeas with spices and parsley to make his falafel, bakes his pita bread from scratch, and crowns it all with a tzatziki sauce prepared using strained Greek yogurt supplied by a small company in New York City. Though Opa! (a Greek word that expresses joy) has only been open for a year in Kingston, Trataros learned his trade working in restaurants in Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island, with frequent trips to Greece spliced in for inspiration. Look for the spinning gyro in the window. 845-338-4976