Best Chicken Upgrade

Best Chicken Upgrade 2014: Pheasant Saltimbocca at Scribner Hollow Lodge

Pheasant Saltimbocca at Scribner Hollow Lodge 


Tastes like chicken — but better. Go for this pheasant dish the next time you think about a chicken dinner. The bird, which is slightly leaner and more gamy than chicken, is seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, and sage before it is either broiled or pan-seared to achieve a crispy skin. Then it’s placed in a flavorful stock and cooked in the oven to keep the meat moist, topped with double smoked bacon or prosciutto, and served with seasonal vegetables like fingerling potatoes or squash. Look for this luscious entrée on the restaurant’s autumn and winter menu. 518-263-4211;

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