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Babette’s Kitchen, Millbrook


Bright and cheerful even on the darkest days, Babette’s Kitchen is just the cure for the winter blahs. A cozy, 20-seat cafeÌ, it opens at 7 a.m. (eight on Sundays and closed Tuesdays), emitting the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked goods. At the top of the to-eat list: buttermilk biscuits, homemade using a family recipe from a Kansas farm. Topped with a cheese, an egg, and your choice of bacon or turkey sausage, it’s a savory treat — for $4, it’s money well spent. Also check out the frittata of the day (also $4), usually a vegetarian and gluten-free dish made with local farm eggs. You’ll also get a choice of still-warm blueberry muffins, pain au chocolat, sticky buns, bear claws, and all those wonderful pastries that you really, really shouldn’t order but do anyway.

Fabulous baked goods require serious coffee, and they’ve got it here: J. B. Peel organic small-batch roasted coffee from Red Hook. There is also a full line of coffeehouse drinks — cappuccino, lattes, moccachinos — priced at $2.50 to $4.50. Treat yourself to a hot chocolate made with their very own chocolate sauce to chase the chill. 845- 677-8602; www.babetteskitchen.com

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