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5 Pumpkin-Packed Things We’re Eating and Drinking in September



Pumpkin Spice Latte at Ella’s Bellas


Look, we all deserve to be a little #basic once in a while. What better way to indulge that inclination than with the most beloved seasonal coffee trend in America? But unlike the big chains that rolled out their PSL back in August, Ella’s Bellas crafts its homemade pumpkin spice syrup in-house using organic pumpkin puree to give its version a richer, earthier flavor. Add in a careful blend of nutmeg, ginger, clove, and cinnamon and this caffeinated creation tastes like an evening in front of a cracklin’ fireplace. As with everything else at Ella’s, this little treat is 100-percent gluten-free.

Faroe Island Salmon With Pumpkin Risotto at Clock Tower Grill


Chef Rich Parente’s pumpkin risotto takes a filling dish to an autumnal extreme with full-on pumpkin flavor. Fresh Faroe Island salmon sits atop a bed of risotto made with local pumpkin squash puree. Roasted squash deepens the flavor, while roasted pistachios and pumpkins seeds add nuttiness and texture.

Pumpkin Swordfish at Hudson Valley Seafood

Beacon, Central Valley

While still the same species of swordfish as its white brethren, this sought-after variety is something of a delicacy, prized for its sweet taste and bright orange meat, which it acquires from a diet high in shrimp and krill. Its availability is unpredictable — including at Hudson Valley Seafood — so be sure to nab some steaks if you see them.

Pumpkin Soft Serve at Twistee Cone

New Paltz

Fall isn’t all about hot cocoa and apple cider donuts, people. True Ice cream lovers know that the dessert is a year-round staple, not just a summer indulgence. Thankfully, the folks at Twistee Cone have created a pumpkin soft serve that lets ice cream fanatics celebrate fall flavors, too. And, in what can only be described as a stroke of genius, the folks at Twistee Cone are twisting the new flavor with their coffee soft serve for a one-of-a-kind PSL experience.

Pumpkin Spice Vodka at Olde York Farm Distillery & Cooperage


Olde York is known for its flavored spirits, and this vodka is a testament as to why: steeped with local pumpkins, a secret spice blend, and Madagascar vanilla, it’s smooth and complex. Try it on the rocks, mixed into hot coffee, or — our personal favorite — blended into a mudslide.

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