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10 Places to Get Ridiculously Good Ramen in the Hudson Valley


Slurp up oodles of noodles topped with all the fixings (chili oil, pork belly, soft-boiled eggs!) at these local eateries.

The Roundhouse, Beacon

If you consider The Roundhouse one of the most romantic (dare we say, ramen-tic?) restaurants in the Hudson Valley, you wouldn’t be wrong. After all, we do love a good Roundhouse wedding. But during the chillier months, its famed outdoor waterfall isn’t the only thing that’s flowing.

This hot date spot combines heritage pork, tonkotsu broth, chili oil, and an oozy soft-boiled egg for a canoodle-inducing nose-to-tail feast that’s guaranteed to make you fall in love.

We don’t call it winter. We call it RAMEN SEASON.

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Mill House Brewing, Poughkeepsie

You may not think of a brewery as the best place to find killer ramen, but trust us, Mill House is brewing up a bowl to ramen-ber.

Its pork belly ramen combines unexpected elements like fried garlic chips and a beer-infused bone broth with classics like kimchi, mushrooms, and a silky, soft-cooked egg. Get yourself a tall glass of their Imperial IPA to go with it, and you’ll relinquish all doubts.

Hudson Food Studio, Athens and Hudson

Given Hudson Food Studio’s tiny interior, its self-dubbed “big bowl of noodles” is unexpectedly sizable. Dive into a hearty serving of pork bone broth, alkaline noodles, seven-hour braised pork shoulder, and shiitake mushrooms, and don’t be shy about slurping up that last drop.

For those looking for a lighter option, the spiced chicken pho bowl doesn’t fake out on serious flavor.

Commissary!, New Paltz

Commissary! in New Paltz makes the impossible possible by churning out vegan ramen that reaches unbelievable, flavorful heights with “cheese” sauce and shiitake jerky. While the exact composition of said ramen changes from week to week (it’s a special, not a menu staple), the base is always either ramen, yaki udon, or kimchi udon.

If you’re curious, swing by for a bowl during one of the restaurant’s weekly “Rammissary” nights, every Tuesday.

Brunch! #ðŸœ

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TanPoPo Ramen, Albany

Trust TanPoPo’s talented chefs with their carefully curated selections (think tonkotsu ramen with bone marrow broth and chashu pork, or roast duck ramen with seasoned greens and scallion), or take control of your dish by customizing it with tempting toppings like corn and kikurage mushrooms.

Their Tokyo wave ramen noodles make for the ultimate bite, but if you’re gluten-free, their thin rice noodles are also a solid option.

UNoodles Snack Bar, Haverstraw

At first glance, the fusion of Asian and Italian dishes at this Rockland County restaurant may confuse you, but its premise is actually fairly simple — all types of noodles, all the time. So if you don’t discriminate, head to Haverstraw for a cheesy plate of pasta or a steamy bowl of broth-soaked ramen (we’re eyeing the seafood version with enoki mushrooms).

Whatever you order, don’t leave without sending some seriously delicious noods.

Quinn’s, Beacon

Move over, gazpacho. At Quinn’s, ramen isn’t just a one-season staple. Here, two types of chilled ramen are both meat-free and seriously scrumptious. Vegetarian friends should consider the broth with seaweed, scallion, and cucumber, while a chilled “nomen” bowl is available sans egg for vegans.

But if the thought of cold ramen gives you the chills, Quinn’s does offer the classic warm-your-soul variety.

Nin’niku Ramen

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RameNesque, Peekskill and Thornwood

Before you go, get two things straight about this popular local spot: Yes, RameNesque is a real word, and no, the trek to Westchester will not disappoint.

While the Thornwood location does offer slightly more ramen options (and a sushi menu for those who’d rather start off their meal with a roll), luckily, you can get our favorite varieties, dan dan and kimchi, at both spots.

YumYum Noodle Bar, Woodstock, Kingston, Red Hook

Three Hudson Valley locations give you free reign to build your own ramen bowl with five noodle varieties, a range of hearty broths, and ridiculously good protein add-ons like salmon, pork belly, and shrimp.

If you happen to be dining with a little one, the kid noodle bowl is a crowd-pleasing favorite among those 8 and under.

The Mermaid Café, Catskill

Yes, The Mermaid Café’s ramen really is worth a drive to Catskill (as is the entire menu, TBH). Once you grab a seat inside the cozy eatery, build your own bowl with one of three broths, including miso seaweed, Atticus Farm pork, or bone broth.

From there it’s onto either the daily homemade toasted rye noodles or, if you’re gluten-free, the rice pho noodles. As for toppings, let your imagination loose with add-ins like nori, shredded pork, lotus root, and turnips.

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