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cold weather 5 Ways to Stay Fit in Super Cold Hudson Valley Weather Health, Life StyleAs temperatures hit their lowest of the season, we asked a local fitness guru to share tactics for dealing with ultra-cold climates.
Winter superfoods The Winter Superfoods to Add to Your Diet in the Hudson Valley Food, Health, Life Style'Tis the season for sniffles and sneezes! Fuel your body with these winter superfoods to stay healthy in the Hudson Valley.
self-care for stress Stress Less With These Tips From Hudson Valley Experts Health, Life StyleSelf-care is so 2023! When everyday pressures mount up, try these strategies to get your mind—and mood—back on track.
feet frostbite Here’s How to Keep Your Feet Frostbite-Free This Winter Health, Life StyleA Hudson Valley podiatrist shares eight essential tips to keep those toes toasty when the temperatures drop below freezing.
Overcrowded gym 5 Ways to Navigate the Overcrowded Gym Post-New Year Health, Life StyleThe New Year brings with it a deluge of gym rats determined to get healthy. Here’s how to make your way through a hectic weight room.
Fitness regimen How to Restart Your Fitness Regimen in the New Year Health, Life StyleFor those who haven’t hit the treadmill in quite a while, we asked an expert to round up the best ways to get back into the gym in the Hudson Valley.
resolutions for the new year 3 Tips to Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StylePlanning out your New Year's resolutions for 2023? Here's how to make ones that will actually stick throughout the year.
what to do if you overeat during the holidays How to Recover After Overeating During the Holidays in the Valley Health, Life StyleWe asked an expert just how to bounce back after a festive and indulgent season filled with candy canes, cakes, and cookies.
Wellness trends 6 Wellness Trends to Help You Feel Great in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleThe latest health trends—think CBD tinctures, booze-free cocktails, and pickleball, for starters—will help you feel better than ever in 2023 and beyond.
stay in shape / adobe stock How to Stay in Shape Over the Holidays in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleWe asked Best of Westchester trainer Angela LoBrutto for a lineup of workouts great for those on-the-go during the holidays.
stay healthy in winter How to Stay Healthy in the Hudson Valley This Winter Health, Life StyleNow that it's cold and flu season (plus there's the continued risk of Covid), it's more important than ever to shore up your immune system.
Mindful eating 5 Tips to Practice Mindful Eating in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleWith the holiday season around the corner in the Hudson Valley, a local health coach dishes on how to start eating with intention.
Yoga Studios Hudson Valley Get Your “Om” on at These Hudson Valley Yoga Studios Health, Life StylePerfect your downward dog, test your balance in crow pose, and breathe better at these calming Hudson Valley yoga studios.
spa Feel Refreshed at These Spas in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleSit back and relax with a much-needed massage or a full weekend of masks and treatments at these Hudson Valley spas and wellness centers.
top doctors These Are the Top Doctors in the Hudson Valley in 2022 Health, Life StyleThe Hudson Valley is home to exceptional healthcare. We are proud to present our annual list of the best physicians in the region—574 in all.
great hospitals Montefiore Nyack Hospital Helped Save This Hudson Valley Man Health, Life StyleWhen a champion athlete had a heart attack, Montefiore Nyack Hospital’s physicians and cardiopulmonary rehab program saw him through a marathon recovery.
Breast cancer update Breast Cancer Update: What to Know in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we looked into the latest innovations in screenings and treatments at local breast centers.
skin What Men Need to Know About Skin Cancer in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleA top oncologist from Vassar Brothers Medical Center explains why year-round skin protection is essential—and lifesaving.
gym equipment Gym Equipment You Need for the Perfect At-Home Workout Health, Life StyleLooking to built or boost your home gym in the Hudson Valley? This Westchester fitness expert offers his two cents.
healthy breakfast 5 Healthy Breakfast Options to Start Your Day in the Hudson Valley Food, Health, Life StyleWe asked local dietician Diane May for a few super-powered breakfasts she would use to start her day.
CBD Hudson Valley 8 CBD and Hemp Goodies to Shop in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleThe wellness trend pops up across the Hudson Valley in the form of snacks, soothing massage oils, and handcrafted honey infused with CBD.
Vegan diet nutrients How to Start a Vegan Diet Without Missing Vital Nutrients Health, Life StyleWhen embarking on a fully plant-based journey, ensure you're getting everything your body needs with these tips from a nutrition expert.
gym work out exercise How Many Times a Week Should You Really Work Out? Health"How often should I exercise?" We asked a Hudson Valley exercise expert just how many times per week you should actually be hitting the gym.
health catskill yoga These Wellness Events Around the Hudson Valley Are Perfect for Summer Health, Life StyleLooking for ways to get moving and have fun this summer? Check out these wellness events and activities throughout the Hudson Valley.
heat exhaustion in the Hudson Valley How to Prevent Heat Exhaustion in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleIt's getting hot in here! With warmer days ahead, here's how to stay healthy in the heart of summer.
Etain Health Leads the Medical Marijuana Industry in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleLearn the inspiring story behind one Hudson Valley family’s major success in the world of medical marijuana through Etain Health.
Man with allergies blowing his nose How to Conquer Allergies When You Live in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleDo allergies hit you hard in the Hudson Valley? Here's how to make the itchy, sneezy time of the year more manageable.
Staying healthy in the heat How to Keep Your Body Healthy and Happy in the Hudson Valley Heat HealthOur summer wellness tips will help you address concerns like dehydration, heat strokes, and skin damage.
summer skincare tips Summer Skincare Tips for a Healthy Season in the Hudson Valley HealthProtecting yourself from sun and insects goes beyond simple sunscreen and sprays. Here's what to know to stay safe this summer.
Walking 6 Ways Walking in the Hudson Valley Will Ease Your Mind HealthWhen you need a break during the day, turn to walking as a way to ease your mind, get moving, and explore the Hudson Valley.
The Hudson Valley’s Top Dentists of 2022 Offer Expert Dental Care Health, Life StyleLooking for top-tier dental care in the Hudson Valley? These top dentists are experts in their fields throughout the region.
nina endrst Meet Nina Endrst: A Spiritual Multi-Hyphenate Living in Hudson Health, Life StyleNina Endrst is a Hudson-based Reiki master, movement teacher, meditation practitioner, tarot reader, and podcast host.
Retreat centers Take a Breath at These Retreat Centers in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleImmerse yourself in serene areas of the Hudson Valley as you meditate, learn different techniques, and practice mindfulness.
Morning workout 5 Tips for Early Morning Exercising in the Hudson Valley HealthWant to get your workout done at the beginning of your day? Here's how to motivate yourself to get in shape when the sun rises.
skateparks Your Guide to Skateparks in the Hudson Valley Health, Life Style, Things To DoLooking for a place to skate? The Hudson Valley is home to numerous skateparks for the novice and the expert skater alike.
Eat Healthier 5 Ways to Eat Healthier in the Hudson Valley HealthA local expert shares top tips on how to eat nutritiously and live deliciously with simple changes in the Hudson River region.
Apothecary shops Discover the Wonderful World of Hudson Valley Apothecary Shops Health, Life StyleThese Hudson Valley boutiques, naturalist pharmacies, and online apothecary shops provide herbal remedies and organic skincare.
Pilates-Studios-Hudson-Valley These Hudson Valley Pilates Studios Improve Flexibility Health, Life StyleThese Hudson Valley fitness centers and pilates studios provide low-impact exercises that improve strength, stability, and flexibility.
Sweat-With-Sally-Class Sweat With Sally at Poughkeepsie’s Engaging Lagree Fitness Studio HealthHudson Valley native Sally Torreggiani, the face of "Sweat With Sally," teaches core-building Lagree fitness on dynamic megaformer machines.
mindfulness Mindfulness Is the Secret to a Healthier Year in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleWith the stresses of life and the pandemic all around, mindfulness is an excellent way to create a happier and healthier headspace.
Skincare tips Get Glowing With These Skincare Tips From Hudson Valley Experts Beauty Shopping, Health, Life StyleThese Hudson Valley dermatologists and beauty experts agree that when it comes to a daily skincare routine, less is more.
Clean eating How to Focus on Clean Eating in the Hudson Valley Food, HealthIf you want to slim down, boost energy, ward off illness, increase longevity, and feel great, toss the chips and join the clean eating club.
MMA-Hudson-Valley Train at These Dynamic Mixed Martial Arts Studios in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleChange up your Hudson Valley fitness routine with intense training and engaging workouts at these mixed martial arts (MMA) gyms.
Pre-Workout-Tips Prepare for Heart-Pumping Hudson Valley Workouts With These Tips Health, Life StyleHudson Valley trainers share their expert advice on proper rest, stretching, and other important pre-workout techniques.
Spin-Studios-Hudson-Valley These Hudson Valley Spin Studios Help You Get Fit and Have Fun HealthGet your heart pumping at these Hudson Valley spin studios with engaging classes, dedicated instructors, and state-of-the-art equipment.
de-stress Here’s How You Can De-Stress in the Hudson Valley Right Now HealthFrom good morning to goodnight, these local tips will help you keep calm and centered amid life and pandemic-related stresses.
Run without injury How to Run Properly and Avoid Injury in the Hudson Valley Health, Life StyleJogging is a great way to stay fit, but improper form or overtraining can put serious strain on your joints when you run.
Sabotage workouts 5 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Workouts in the Hudson Valley HealthTop trainer Jeff London reveals five ways you may be ruining all that hard work to get fit, then explains how to make the most of workouts.
Top doctors. Photo by Adobe Stock | Halfpoint Meet the Top Doctors in the Hudson Valley in 2021 HealthOur largest list ever! Presenting our annual guide to over 540 of the region’s leading physicians.
Meditation Where to Start Practicing Meditation in the Hudson Valley HealthRecharge your mind and spirit at these peaceful Hudson Valley destinations, which offer guided meditation sessions for beginners.