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Many people would love to see an improvement in their smile, but the idea of going through a dental procedure can be disconcerting at best. This change may be permanent; what if it doesn’t go right? What if I’m not happy with the result?

At Windsor Dental Center, we’ve implemented the latest advances to take the guesswork out of smile improvement. Our new digital smile design technology allows you to see exactly how your upcoming procedure will change your smile for the better—before you go through the procedure itself. We’re so confident in this technology that we are inviting patients to experience digital smile design in our Hudson Valley office for free!



How It Works

If you are considering a cosmetic dental procedure of any kind, digital smile design helps you envision the outcome chairside before agreeing to the procedure. Using the latest imaging technology, our advanced software creates a 3-D digital image of your smile with the procedure completed, allowing you to see the improvement immediately. We can show you the results of minor adjustments to the procedure, or the progressive results of a combination of procedures, effectively empowering you to design your own smile. No guesswork involved in the “before and after”—you’ll know exactly what “after” looks like.



Applications of Smile Design

Digital smile design technology can accurately visualize the outcomes of virtually any cosmetic dental procedure, or a combination of procedures. These include the following:

Teeth whitening procedures

Porcelain veneers

Invisalign®–see the effects of gradual teeth straightening over time

Dental implants—specifically, our All-on-4™ teeth restoration featuring Zirconia Implant Bridges


Understandably, any of these procedures may have a dramatic effect on how you look. Our use of 3D digital imaging helps take the guesswork out of making important decisions about your smile, easing the stress so you can undergo any of these procedures—or a combination of them—with full confidence.

Hudson Valley’s Windsor Dental Center is pleased to offer free digital smile design to all our patients considering cosmetic dentistry. Don’t let uncertainty stop you from having the confident smile you deserve. Call our offices to learn more.


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