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Liposuction — a surgical process to remove body fat — has been used for decades to help individuals achieve a healthy, contoured look for their bodies. But a revolutionary new technology, now available in some plastic surgery offices, can help you achieve similar results without surgery. Called Coolsculpting®, the procedure offers a safe, simple, and effective way to reform tissue. The process is FDA-approved, and it can be an excellent solution both for patients who have never had surgery and for those who have.

The Coolsculpting® Process

At Loomis Plastic Surgery, we use Coolsculpting® to help our patients permanently eliminate unwanted fat cells. We make no surgical incisions, use no needles, and leave no scars. This non-surgical procedure does not carry traditional surgical risks, like infection or anesthesia complications. Like liposuction surgery, however, Coolsculpting® doesn’t change a patient’s weight; rather, it contours the body for an attractive aesthetic effect.

Dr. Mario Loomis works with each individual patient to identify areas of unwanted body fat. He examines the adipose tissue for density and character and takes into account the client’s skin tone and other areas of fat. Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Loomis then creates a powerful, strategic plan for overall body contouring.


How It Works

Coolsculpting® works by cooling the fat tissue to allow for contouring. The cooling process damages fat cells while leaving surrounding nerve and muscle tissues intact. A natural remodeling process follows, in which the body removes the damaged fat cells — similar to how a tadpole reabsorbs its tail as it grows into adult form. The transformation is smooth and gradual, leaving skin feeling soft and looking totally natural.

Dr. Loomis’ process is quite straightforward. Once our office establishes all the key details, Dr. Loomis uses an applicator with suction to treat each area. Treatment lasts about an hour. During this time, clients can read, check emails, take a nap, or do whatever else they need. Our office has two Coolsculpting® machines; this allows our team to complete treatments twice as quickly as most other offices.

Once the applicator is removed, a technician briefly massages the site before moving on to other sites for treatment. After treatment, clients can move back to normal day-to-day activities without pain. Any discomfort is treated with pressure or topical cream.

body sculpting
Actual results of CoolSculpting® by Dr. Loomis, though not a guarantee of results

Why Clients Prefer Coolsculpting®

Clients opt for Coolsculpting® because this procedure works to enhance aesthetics and recharge feelings of self-esteem. Dr. Loomis has 25 years of experience in the industry, and his approach to Coolsculpting® has been achieving the same (or better) results as he had achieved with liposuction. His deep understanding of the field allows him to accurately assess who might be a good candidate for the procedure. (Most liposuction patients are women, but Coolsculpting® appeals to both genders, due to its non-surgical nature.)

At Dr. Loomis’ office, our specialists often recommend Coolsculpting® instead of liposuction. Coolsculpting® can remove unwanted fat cells and improve skin contouring without subjecting patients to surgery, and the process can cost less and take less time.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

To learn more about Loomis Plastic Surgery and about the Coolsculpting® process, go to www.drloomis.com/coolsculpting.html. Take a look at the before and after photos to get a sense for what the procedure can accomplish and for whom. Dr. Loomis would love to help you achieve results; please contact his office to learn more about this revolutionary technology or to schedule a free consultation.

dr. mario loomis

Dr. Mario Loomis, in practice since 1992, received a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cornell University, and then graduated with honors from The University of Vermont College of Medicine. He was trained in General Surgery and Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University, and is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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