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A wide range of educational philosophies and opportunities are available in the Hudson Valley. In the following Q&A, some of the area’s top schools share information about their mission, their challenges, and what sets them apart.


What makes Berkshire Country Day School intentional, independent, and inspired?

From Preschool through 9th grade, Berkshire Country Day School offers a multi-year experience in connecting the dots — from grade to grade, between individual areas of study, and between what students learn in school and what they see in the real world. Its expansive arts and experiential learning opportunities nurture creativity, collaboration, and confidence in students at all grade levels. And, in the tightly connected community, every family is known, valued, and supported as the Berkshire community teaches, learns, and grows together. Berkshire Country Day: Closer than you think.

Berkshire Country Day School
55 Interlaken Rd
Stockbridge, MA


What is the mission of Canterbury School?

Founded in 1915 and guided by our Catholic heritage, Canterbury is a college preparatory, coeducational boarding and day school for students in grades 9-12. The school prides itself on creating a community based on its Five Values — Honesty, Respect, Compassion, Spirituality, and Self Reliance — in which students and faculty forge lasting bonds and every student experiences a broad and challenging program in a small school setting. The School’s educational environment fosters academic rigor, athletic development, artistic enrichment, and spiritual growth, and strives to ensure a superior experience that prepares students for leading colleges and universities and for life. With its rigorous and humane approach to students, both in and out of the classroom, Canterbury’s program inculcates vital intellectual and ethical habits of mind. The school sees all students as individuals, encourages them as necessary, challenges them as appropriate, and inspires them to become moral leaders in a complex, secular world.

Canterbury School
101 Aspetuck Ave
New Milford, CT


What’s cooking at Dutchess Day School?

Dutchess Day School is going culinary! Always committed to providing fun, hands-on learning experiences for its students, the school is introducing two cooking related classes in the after-school program. Starting this year, Dafna Mizrahi, Chopped champion and local restaurant owner/chef, will be coaching the young generation of chefs at DDS, using the Chopped model of innovation with mystery ingredients and focusing on both skills and nutritional guidance. In addition, CIA graduate and chef Katie Robaczewski will be providing baking classes.

Dutchess Day School
415 Rte 343


How is the Oakwood Friends School teaching students to think critically and inclusively?

When our middle school students study sustainable practices in the greenhouse, they incorporate discussions on food scarcity and distribution within the Hudson Valley. Students in the darkroom or the ceramics studio look to the chemistry lab to discover what drives their art. Data, reflection, and discussion lead to deeper understanding. Engaging within a diverse community, Oakwood students learn to appreciate and see the world through the lens of a classmate from another country, a different culture, religion, orientations, or backgrounds. Blurring the lines between subject disciplines and respecting diverse views helps create a nurturing and inclusive learning environment at Oakwood.

Oakwood Friends School
22 Spackenkill Rd


What are some of the best majors to consider for job outcomes?

Mount Saint Mary College prepares students for rapidly growing fields. The Mount offers a concentration in Actuarial Science, a field with 26% expected growth by 2022 and with almost zero unemployment. Cybersecurity, another concentration, boasts 18% job growth by 2024 and a median salary of $90,000. Finally, Mount’s five-year programs in business and education allow students to obtain both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years, which allows for quicker job placement in two competitive fields.

Mount Saint Mary College
330 Powell Ave

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