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Our New Dream Space

​Welcome to Hudson Valley Magazine‘s new home.

Have you heard? We’ve moved! And we couldn’t be happier about our new Fishkill location. When it became clear that leasing our office space in Poughkeepsie was no longer an option, we launched a dedicated search for a new home for our Hudson Valley Magazine staff. “Our search led us to ideal space in a new office building in Fishkill that perfectly fit our needs,” recalls Ralph Martinelli, publisher. “Acquiring a new office offered a chance to explore a different type of design approach and even rethink the way we work. The result is an atmosphere that’s more open, bright and airy, uncluttered, and lends itself to more effective collaboration and stronger teamwork.”


Our Challenge

Finding a new home in the Summit Court office building was just the beginning of our transition. Our next challenge: designing and outfitting the space. We knew exactly where to turn — California Closets, an experienced pioneer in creatively customizing spaces with innovative solutions with an equal focus on aesthetics and budgets.



Our Vision

Open, airy, uncluttered, sophisticated, and on trend were all aspects of our vision. California Closets delivered that and more. “The open floor plan creates a team environment and gives people room to lay out magazine pages and collaborate,” says California Closets designer Carrie Seekircher.

“We considered the size of each team and how they would work together, which informed the placement of the two offices,” says Seekircher of her approach to the project. “We were conscious of wanting everyone to feel comfortable and own their space without chopping up the office. And we kept things deliberately simple, uncluttered, and neutral with a less-is-more feeling.”

Following along the unique angles of the space, the desks were installed along the wall to capitalize on the walls of windows and give the feeling of being one with nature. “It provided the opportunity to have unobstructed seasonal views of the outdoors, including the trees and observing the weather,” Seekircher explains.

Special care and attention was given to the way shelving would be used. Custom bookcases were built to accommodate the size of three stacks of Hudson Valley Magazines in depth and width.


Ample custom storage created by California Closets throughout makes it a cinch to maintain the office’s uncluttered look and feel.


Instead of traditional cubicles, desks were lined along the windows and file drawers with a soft close were efficiently built into the desks. The office’s conference room (below) provides meeting space or privacy when needed.



Strategically placed pop-up grommets with electrical outlets and USB ports make it easy and convenient to charge phones while working.


A custom mail landing area (above) incorporates a wall unit of closely spaced shelves, individual mail cubbies, and cabinetry for storage.

Furnishings and accessories were provided by The Bell’s Ethan Allen, including a dining table with contrasting chairs (below) and linen-covered upholstered armchairs at the office’s entrance (above right), offer additional flexibility. 



Our Designer

Carrie Seekircher, Designer, California Closets

For designer Carrie Seekircher, interior design is in the genes. Growing up in a family that designs home interiors and exteriors led her to pursue the art of design. “After graduating college with a degree in Interior Architecture, I honed my design skills with Manhattan-based companies like Clinique and many other Estée Lauder brands,” Seekircher explains. “Then, I found my true calling — helping design and organize people’s homes and offices to maximize space while keeping a chic flare. In the design arena for more than 17 years, Seekircher now works out of California Closets’ Westchester office in Hawthorne.


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