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Reading with Zoë & Friends

May 5 - July 5


Reading with Zoë & Friends is about more than just reading LIVE on Facebook. Each friend contributes something unique and special. Leigha was the first friend to volunteer to read LIVE on Facebook. She’s witty and a clever reader. Leigha enjoys expressing herself through books. You can feel her love of reading when she reads aloud.

Soon after was Shayla… Reading with Shayla took a life of its own. Shayla decided to bring adventures and relate them to real life. She shares daily national holidays and shares fun facts about it. Shayla has been reading mostly every single day since the reading page started. Her commitment and dedication to the read has been invaluable and a huge contribution.

Next, Cecelia is a smart and soft spoken reader who has a great wealth of knowledge to offer. She transforms herself and her surroundings into the character she is reading about. Cecelia is an amazing addition to the reading group and we are grateful to have her join us.

Then, you will find Reading with Khloe to be full of culture and spice. She knows how to make a page come to life. What a sassy and passionate reader! You won’t want to miss listening to Khloe read.

Finally, but not least Zoë has consistently read for 50 days on Facebook as of today. This brings me a lot joy as she’s not one to use social media and can be quiet and introverted. This quarantine has brought out an expressive and animated side I have not seen before. Zoë says she wants to be an Author when she grows up. She also spends time writing and illustrating books for fun. Reading with Zoë & Friends is a fun way to listen to children read books, quarantine together and experience their Love for Reading.

Reading with Zoë & Friends is growing and evolving as we are opening the group to outside children from all over the country interested in reading LIVE on Facebook in a weekly Open Mic. Message the Administrators for details.

Become a member of Reading with Zoë & Friends for free today:


Weekdays Reading Schedule
Reading with Zoë LIVE at 1:00pm
Reading with Shayla LIVE at 2:00pm
Reading with Kai LIVE at 3:00pm
Reading with Khloe LIVE at 4:00pm
Reading with Cecelia LIVE at 5:00pm
Open Mic on Friday nights.
Weekends at 7:00pm, 8:00pm EDT

Thank you for your ongoing support.
Happy Reading!

Reading with Zoë & Friends


May 5
July 5