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New Years resolutions disappear about as quickly as they’re made, but the desire to be a better you lasts a lifetime. The hard part is harnessing that desire and transforming it into motivation: That’s where ZONED Fitness steps in. Headed by lifelong athlete and personal trainer Keith Laug, ZONED Fitness, formerly Hudson Valley Fitness, offers the ultimate regimen for any fitness level with the help of Beacon’s first heart-rate-based training program and the zoned training method. Whether you thrive in a personal or group setting, ZONED Fitness offers a safe and progressive multi-leveled training program unlike any other.


Finding Your Zone

At ZONED Fitness, the key to progress is allowing participants of all fitness levels to engage in each routine and still see results. Laug’s multi-leveled training program uses four zones, or “progressive modifications,” for each exercise and set. If you’re getting back into the gym after a long hiatus, you may opt for a less dynamic strength training modification, but if you’re the type to work until your legs collapse, there are high-intensity modifications just for you.

Get Zoned

The ZONED Training Method (ZTM) is a one-of-a-kind system designed to give immediate feedback on your performance, so you can decide when you’re ready to kick your workout up a notch. There’s no guesswork involved; your heart-rate training tool provides instantaneous information on how hard you are working.

A large television monitor among Laug’s top-of-the-line equipment displays your current heart rate in real time. See yourself in the green? You might want start pushing your limits. If you’re bordering on orange, you can feel confident knowing you’re working hard and adjust your intensity accordingly.

Zoned Offerings

For ZONED GX, Laug’s group training program, this means the momentum of the workout can keep moving with everyone comfortable working in their own zone. Based on how you progress through each workout, GX routines will create a balance between strength training and high-intensity training. “In this setting we can create an individually based routine based on their goals, health history, and past performance,” says Laug.

These workouts are 45 minutes in length, but the option to extend your session is available through “open” sessions, where members can arrive any time within the first hour of an hour and 45-minute block to complete their daily routine.

ZONED PT is your personalized option for training at ZONED Fitness. Whether you want individualized attention, have a special limitation or injury, or just want to achieve a particular goal as direct as possible, Laug’s experience as a personal trainer will get you the results you want in an efficient and tangible way.

“Anyone can get to their goal,” says Laug. “They just have to start at the right level and make the progressions until they remain consistent with the process. If they do that, they’ll get to where they want to be. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s the same with fitness.”

ZONED Eating and ZONED Living

Part of the ZONED philosophy focuses on what you do between your workouts. “Simply working out a few times a week won’t find you to your goals,” explains Laug. In order to provide ZONED members the fullest fitness opportunity possible, Laug offers nutrition education as well as activity planning and goals to challenge yourself throughout the year.

ZONED Eating aims to educate you on proper nutrition and making simple changes that will affect your diet and health. Open to all fitness class members and personal training clients for free, this program will help you assess your eating habits, make small corrections to poor ones, and support positive habits with nutrition planning.

ZONED Living hones in on your activities outside of the gym. In order to help you remain as active as possible throughout the week, the MYZONE activity tracker will help you keep tabs on healthy activities. This includes direct challenges, like the current New Year, New You challenge, where you are awarded points and prizes based on the effort you put in.  

These programs create a sense of community around the ZONED philosophy, so you have support where you go, whenever you need it.

ZONED Fitness is ran by personal trainer and lifelong athlete Keith Laug. In 2008 Laug launched Hudson Valley Fitness full-time, opening a his current training facility in Beacon in 2010. A professional trainer for 14 years, Laug rebranded HVF to ZONED Fitness, utilizing the ZONED Training Method he created. No matter your goal, ZONED Fitness can help you rise to the challenge, find your zone, and become the best “you” possible.


ZONED Fitness
490 Main Street, Beacon