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Businesses and individuals alike often forget the importance of backing up their data regularly until something goes wrong. “When data disappears,” says Jason Fisch, owner and founder of Fisch Solutions in Fishkill, “it is often too late to save information or it takes even more tech hours to restore just bits and pieces.”

With an expertise that goes back to his teen years, Fisch says, “I have been maintaining computers since I was 16 and have seen everything from no backup at all to ‘Yeah, it’s backed up… I think.’” Nowadays, he explains technology has somewhat leveled the playing field for backups. “Ideally, a local backup is on a removable device, so it is independent of your computer/server In case of computer failure. If users use that in conjunction with an online backup, which duplicates backups to the ‘Cloud’ or Internet in case of onsite failure such as fire or flood, then data can be restored much more easily.”

Mac in Time

Apple computers have a unique backup system known as the TimeMachine. “This allows a full-drive backup of a computer system, so it can be restored exactly as the customer last used it with the click of a button via a removable hard drive,” Fisch explains.

fisch solutions
fisch solutions

Backup Checklist

Fisch suggests replacing older technology backups, such as tape drives, with the newer backups. He also says be sure to test backups while your system is still in good working order. “I have seen some very complex backup systems in which all the data is corrupted and they are not usable.”

He also recommends considering going to an expert to protect data. “Our company provides a combination of onsite/Cloud backup solutions powered by Mozy, which allows all critical data to be backed up,” Fisch says. These backups are monitored by Fisch to ensure that the systems are being backed up on the schedule they are set for to ensure proper backups. In the IT industry, the only thing that matters are your backups. Your data is the only IT component that you can’t replace.”

He says businesses, especially, should have a disaster recovery plan, which includes regular audits of your backup to confirm that they are working properly. If you are dealing with corrupted data, the cost for hard drive recovery firms can range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on how much needs to be done.

Fisch says some people often forget that other devices, such as phones and networks also need to be backed up. Data from those are often difficult to recreate when they fail. “It can be as extreme as opening your drive in a clean room and rebuilding it manually.”

Backups, Fisch explains, should become part of the routine. He says his company has individual services as well as plans that can be paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. “We are ready to take the complication and confusion out of backups. That gives people and businesses more time to use their technology.”

Fisch Solutions is the Hudson Valley IT firm that can do it all for businesses and the home. In business since 2006 and a Fisch family business that has been serving the region since 1919, the company has an expert staff of 10 people. The company has grown to national prominence and is a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business. Most notable for the app it developed used by fire departments nationwide, the firm is known as the industry expert in IT for the fire service. Fisch provides web design, hosting, and web marketing services as well as IT solutions, PC/Mac/Server support, cloud solutions, and business phone systems to its client base of 300+ organizations.

Fisch Solutions
1070 Rte. 9, Suite 208, Fishkill

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