Lynn Hazlewood

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This Leek Tart Recipe Celebrates the Bounty of the Hudson Valley

A cousin to quiche, this classic leek tart recipe uses some of the best seasonal ingredients found in the Hudson Valley.

The Coziest French Onion Soup Recipe Is Easier Than You Think

Who doesn't love a good French onion soup? Make it perfect at home with thinly sliced onions, melty cheese, and a glug of white wine.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes With Figs Are a Delightful Side Dish

This side dish is a little exotic and a lot delicious thanks to a splash of balsamic vinegar and a softly caramelized coating.

Make This Warm White Bean, Tomato, and Basil Bowl for Dinner

The easy, late-summer recipe is a terrific way to make the most of the Hudson Valley's tomato harvest while incorporating pantry staples.

Use Red Currants in This Delightful English Summer Pudding

A traditional recipe from overseas, this refreshing pudding features red currants and highlights summer flavors.

3 Easy Zucchini Recipes for Summer Meals in the Hudson Valley

Everyone's favorite warm-weather vegetable gets a culinary upgrade on the grill, as fries, and even turned into pancakes.

Make the Most of Summer Ingredients With These Rhubarb Recipes

There’s more to this versatile stalk than pie. Enjoy Hudson Valley rhubarb in a traditional English dessert, as well as a tangy vinaigrette.

Fresh Pears With Brie and Maple Syrup Is the Most Amazing Appetizer

It’s maple syrup season! Make the most of it by pairing the sweet ingredient with ripe pears and melty Brie for an easy dish that everyone will love.

Stuff These Easy Empanadas With Ground Turkey (or Whatever You Want)

Whether you call them Cornish pasties, empanadas, or turnovers, these turkey-filled dough pockets are tasty and easy to make.

Basil Lemon Butter Cookies Are an Unexpectedly Wonderful Treat

Make the most of summer's fresh basil leaves with a cookie recipe that's sweet and snackable thanks to a touch of lemon zest.