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Laura Calhoon

  • The Cake’s the Thing

    There’s one thing that I’ve obviously been leaving out the entire time — the cake! I guess the cake’s a pretty important detail, but there have been so many other things to do that the cake things just kind of got lost in the mix. HudsonValleyWeddings.com Tip: Petite Fours and Cupcakes Give new twist the […]
  • Wedding Bells!

    Well, we did it! After all those months of planning, prepping, and anticipation, Tim and I got married on May 24th — and I wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. HudsonValleyWeddings.com Tip: Over But Not Over: Pay attention to a few after-the-wedding details… Advanced Planning: Thank Yous should be mailed as soon as possible. […]
  • Rush, Rush, Rush…

    Things have been getting a little hectic for me around here. Okay, maybe not just a little — a lot. A whole lot! I have a list of things to do about a mile long, and — it seems — no time to do anything! I have one of those PDA Smart Phones, and I […]
  • A Little Vent-age…

    Okay, so I’m feeling the need to spill some guts here. The wedding is getting closer, and lately I’ve been feeling a little — how should I put it? — sick to death of weddings! Before you start freaking out, let me explain myself a little further. I’m not saying that I’m sick of my […]
  • If Music Be The Food of Love…

    Last night I woke up with a start after having a miserable dream – it was our wedding day, and nothing had gotten accomplished! The bridesmaids never picked up their dresses, we forgot to have our final meeting with the pastor at our church to finalize our vows, no one knew where the church was […]
  • Flower Power

    Everyone has to have flowers at their wedding. I’m pretty sure it’s a rule or something – flowers are supposed to make the day. Although I can see where the flower enthusiasts are coming from, I could never really wrap my head around the concept of paying thousands of dollars on something that’s not going […]
  • Showers of Happiness

    Well, here we are almost at the two-month marker. I can’t believe the wedding’s coming up so soon! It was all made much more real to me last week, when my family and I had a bit of a crazy weekend . . . not only did my sisters plan the “bachelorette” party, but they […]
  • Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

    Wow – I can’t believe it’s just two and a half months until the big day. The things that we have to do are dwindling, and now it’s all about planning and preparing for the wedding. I’m getting excited! I suppose I should be nervous or something, but I’m not – not at all, actually! […]
  • Home Hunters

    One of the things I’ve found while planning the wedding is that I kind of have been losing sight of some of the more practical things surrounding the wedding ­ including where we’re going to live once we’re married. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely thought about it ­ right down to us coming home […]
  • Picture Perfect

    Now that the reception and ceremony sites have been booked, we had to start thinking about one of the other pieces of the puzzle a photographer. This is one of the things that brides don’t exactly dream about for their wedding. I mean, everyone knows that you say your “I Do’s”, kiss, dance, and eat, […]
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