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Dale McKnight

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  • Melody Gregory

      Reflecting on her early days at the law firm she’s been affiliated with for 41 years, Melody Gregory recalls that after graduating high school from Newburgh Free Academy, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do, and thought law might be something to try.” She took a chance, joined Finkelstein & Partners as a […]
  • Filomena E. Fanelli

    Filomena Fanelli launched her public relations firm with little more than a laptop and her kitchen counter. “When the kids were young, I used to clear Cheerios off the table before a business meeting,” she laughs. Since she formed Impact PR & Communications five years ago, it’s become a go-to agency for clients in the […]
  • Jennifer Howland

    Growing up, Jennifer Howland always had a talent for math and science. But a career in engineering wasn’t her first career choice. “I also considered hotel management, and I loved music. Actually, I wanted to be Julie, the cruise director on The Love Boat,” she laughs. But Howland opted to forgo a career on the […]
  • Tara Sullivan

    She’s the first female executive at the New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA), and Tara Sullivan feels right at home in the job. “I love this work — and I love being a female leader in state government,” she says. From her office in Highland, she helps oversee the five major Hudson Valley bridges: Bear […]
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