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photo Holley Meister

This one-room schoolhouse — visible alongside a popular thoroughfare in the Valley — hasn’t functioned as a learning institution in many years. Inside, several old-fashioned chalkboards are the only remaining signs of the school’s true vocation. Built in 1874, the simple brick structure once sat on the property of a prominent local citizen, whose last name is still widely recognized throughout this town. Today, the schoolhouse — which has survived a fire as well as the ravages of time — is part of a popular state park that has almost doubled in size since 1995. Do you know where in the Hudson Valley this brick beauty is? If you do, e-mail us at edit@hvmag.com. The first person to correctly identify the location wins a small prize. And since we’re dying to know more about this secluded schoolhouse, we’ll give extra credit to anyone who can tell us more about its history. Check next month’s issue for the answer.


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