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Martha Stewart Gets Simpsonized


I love it when celebrities can laugh at themselves. I love it even more when they let The Simpsons creators transform their skin into a sickly yellow color before making them run through a roster of self-deprecating jokes. And it totally makes my day when said Simpsonized celebrities are our neighbors.

Two years ago, this happened with Pleasantville’s famed crossword-puzzle-constructor, Will Shortz. When Shortz appeared as Lisa Simpson’s cruciverbalist muse, I brought you a clip, and made some predictions about which one of our neighbors would be next to pop up in Springfield.

Guess what? I was right! Fine, maybe not totally, completely, 100% right. Martha Stewart was No. 5 on my list of candidates to visit with the Simpson family. And, on Sunday night, she did. Here’s a clip — beginning with how The Simpsons writers imagine her Katonah estate looks when it’s all decked out for the holidays. She then knits herself a jetpack and flies off to help Marge get into the Christmas spirit.

As for the others on my list — Hillary Clinton, Bill Murray, Ralph Lauren, and Hayden Panettiere — you better get your agents over to Fox ASAP.

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