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If There’s a Will, There’s a Way (Part VII)


Today’s Tip: Be Smart About Your Purchases

Spend your precious, hard earned cash on classic, high quality pieces, not items that will be out of style before the Christmas lights are up on the tree. So instead of blowing your money on a handful of things you’ll be laughing at next season, be selective: Buy boots that are sturdy and comfortable, choose a coat that is timeless, and go with jeans that fit well and aren’t going to rip after a few weeks of trudging through the snow (you know those snowy days aren’t too far in the future).

The way I see it, when you make a purchase on something that is high quality, you’re making an investment: you’re getting something that you can wear for several seasons, and can last for even years. Sometimes clothing is like wine — it just gets better with age. I mean, when is a hot vintage piece not in style?


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