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It won’t be long before we’re throwing off our coats for the long, bright days of summer, and that’s when Frost Valley YMCA teems with adventurers playing in the sun and challenging themselves with an almost endless choice of activities.

They offer a full range of programs on 5,000 natural acres in the heart of the Catskills, and on trips as far away as West Virginia and Maine. Adventurers will ride horses through unspoiled woods, sail beautiful blue waters or shoot the rapids in inflatable rafts. Campers can care for farm animals and tend vegetables, or venture into the wilderness to learn survival on one of the world-famous Bear Grylls adventure courses. Others will learn the satisfaction of caring for the world around them.

All programs are guided by eight core values: Caring, Community, Diversity, Honesty, Inclusiveness, Respect, Responsibility, and Stewardship.

“These are life-changing activities that open young adventurers’ eyes to discoveries about what they can accomplish,” said Dan Weir, Director of Camping Services. “We love to see the look on campers’ faces when they achieve goals that seemed impossible to them just moments before. In our programs, they become more self-sufficient while they make friends – and memories – to last a lifetime.”


Summer programs at the Frost Valley YMCA are:

TRADITIONAL. Their traditional program offers campers an unforgettable summer stay on the main camp. Participants swim in Lake Cole, row boats and paddle canoes and kayaks, hike unspoiled woods, play sports and let their creative run wild in arts and crafts. Camp Wawayanda is for participants from second through seventh grades, grouped by age. Eighth through 10th graders at Camp Henry Hird also learn team-building and leadership skills, and venture out to spend a night under the stars.

HORSE CAMPS. The Frost Valley YMCA offers programs for everyone from new riders who have never been on a horse to experienced equestrians. The main camp includes Mustang Village for girls in grades 2 through 5, and, new this year, Durango Village, for boys in grades 4 to 8. Older riders will spend their time at East Valley Ranch 15 miles from our main camp. Their two-week program is open to anyone, while a four-week camp is designed for experienced equestrians. Participants will also have time for other activities including swimming, enjoying arts and crafts and playing sports.

FARM CAMP. Their farm camp offers participants in 2nd through 10th grades the opportunity to care for goats, cows, pigs, chickens and rabbits while also tending organic vegetables. Young farmers will learn to care for the earth and experience the joy of eating fresh, healthy meals with vegetables they cultivate and harvest themselves. They will also have time to hike and enjoy games and arts and crafts.

ADVENTURE TRIPS. Adventurers choose from several trips at the main camp or in other locales. Participants at the main camp will rock-climb, venture out on all-day hikes and take multi-day camping trips. Others will visit the Adirondacks for hiking and climbing or canoeing. Participants on trips to Maine will climb to the highest peaks in Acadia National Park, kayak the coast and camp out on scenic coastal islands. Still other adventurers will travel to West Virginia for whitewater rafting in the world-renowned New River Gorge, or visit Vermont to sail on beautiful Lake Champlain.

BEAR GRYLLS. For wilderness lovers looking to take their adventure to the next level, the world-renowned Bear Grylls adventure courses offer the chance to learn survival skills. Participants will build their own shelters, hunt their own food and learn other skills, guided safely by his handpicked team of highly trained experts.

SERVICE TRIPS. In the Frost Valley YMCA’s service programs, participants will have fun while learning the satisfaction that comes with contributing to the world around them. They will join Habitat for Humanity to raise funds to build homes or take trips to the Catskills and Acadia, Maine, to build hiking trails. They will also be given plenty of time to play, hike and enjoy other activities.     


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Frost Valley YMCA
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​845-985-2291, ext. 450

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