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If you’re a confirmed resolution maker, is this the year you have resolved to FINALLY get a handle on the clutter in your closet and organize it the way you’ve always imagined? If you don’t know where to start? Don’t despair. With the help of California Closets, you can do this! Follow the five steps below to reach your goal of organized bliss.


Visualize your space

Whether you’re focused on creating a more ordered master bedroom closet, a better functioning kitchen pantry, or the home office of your dreams, it’s important to define exactly what “organized” means to you and your lifestyle. You know you want the space organized, but be more specific and visualize exactly how you want your space to look and function. What kind of lifestyle do you envision and how will your organized space support that vision? For example, are you imagining easier workday mornings thanks to a closet outfitted with specific compartments, drawers, shelving, and hooks neatly customized for every item imaginable? Do you imagine an end to wasting time daily digging through countless items to find (or not) the one you need?



Commit to your vision

If you want the organized space of your dreams, your next step will be paring down — purging your space of items that are no longer needed, wanted, used, and do not “spark joy,” in the words of Marie Kondo, organization guru and California Closets’ organization partner. Kondo’s unique KonMari Method recommends permanently parting with items that fail to spark joy or are no longer life affirming.



Make your to-do list

The benefit to writing down the specific tasks involved in your closet’s transformation can’t be overstated. Making a detailed “to-do” list and prioritizing the required steps will free your mind, making room for other important thoughts. In the words of David Allen, productivity expert and author of Getting Things Done, ”Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”



Bring your vision to life

Collaborate with an expert like California Closets to help execute your vision and put your plans in place. California Closets will team with you to design and build the necessary components, including accessories, finishes, and lighting, which perfectly reflect your vision — both the aesthetics and the function.



Reap the rewards

After installation, it’s time to enjoy the results of your hard-earned organized space. The benefits can be significant and tangible. For example, California Closets clients have reported exciting, life-changing results from an organized custom closet, including:            

  • Using more of their closet’s contents

  • Better use of clothing that’s now much easier to find

  • Tremendous time savings and far more efficient mornings

  • Reduced stress and a calmer frame of mind



If you’re ready to bring your vision to reality, request a complimentary consultation or visit one of California Closets’ local showrooms today.

Rockland & Hudson Valley 83 S Main St, New City

Westchester  16 Saw Mill River Rd, Hawthorne

Manhattan & Brooklyn 26 Varick St | 1625 York Avenue, New York

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