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It’s a growing trend in the craft food and beverage industry – consumers want to feel connected to makers. We all have that friend who wants to know where their food is being sourced, how it’s being handled, what’s in it and, moreover, who’s doing the cooking. It’s what has driven the farm-to-table movement, and you see it in people’s fierce brand loyalty to things like craft beers and artisanal hot sauce. The Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Alliance, formed by Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation (HVEDC), has been hip to this trend for years, and has helped its members turn trend into opportunity, expanding locally sourced foods into widely recognized brands. Screamin’ Onionz, an Alliance member operating out of Millbrook, has done exactly that.

Since jarring his first batches by hand in 2014, founder Richard Romano’s Screamin’ Onionz have won over the hearts and stomachs of foodies by making simple, homemade condiments from minimal ingredients to yield palate-walloping flavor.

Screamin’ Onionz are slow-cooked in Romano’s craft recipe sauces, built upon carefully curated spice blends that deliver the complex and robust flavors. With no more than six ingredients per jar, they don’t sneak any added sugar into your diet, they are 100 percent vegan and register a feather weight of 5 calories per serving. Get them three ways – mild, medium or hot – and each derives its individual heat profile simply from the varied types of peppers used.

Romano recently shared that every jar is packed with locally sourced Hudson Valley onions.

“We’re proud to announce that we now use New York State Onions from Pine Island,” he said.

Screamin’ Onionz took part in the 2017 Bet On My Business Academy, a program developed by HVEDC that trains specialty food and craft beverage entrepreneurs on critical business skills – including management, sales and business development, promotions and branding, business growth and distribution – to grow their businesses. Romano has taken his operation to the next level with the knowledge, and network, he gained.

Having gotten Screamin’ Onionz onto the shelves of countless specialty food shops in the Hudson Valley, including notable retailers like Whole Foods and Adam’s Fairacre Farms, Screamin’ Onionz is poised to broaden its reach through a strategic partnership with Ginsberg’s Foods, also an Alliance member.

“Ginsberg’s Foods will be helping us with sales and distribution,” said Romano, making the announcement in March during the annual Ginsberg’s Food Show. “Our common goal is to take the awesome flavors of Screamin’ Onionz to even more people throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond.”

Romano features a recipe section on his website with suggestions on how to cook with Screamin’ Onionz for every meal of the day. A quick Internet search will lead you to posts by Onionz fans, suggesting everything from adding them to charcuterie plates to folding them into omelets, tossing them into salads to topping burgers and seafood. For summertime, Romano suggests keeping Screamin’ Onionz in mind for the grill!

Get some for your summer get-togethers by ordering online at the Screamin’ Onionz website, or from any of a growing number of specialty food shops and fine grocers in the Hudson Valley.

Learn more at www.LoveOnionz.com.

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