Time Warner Cable Tunes In To Customers

Investment in communications infrastructure continues growing

Ken Fitzpatrick

Time Warner Cable pays attention.

“By listening to our customers, we’ve developed products that meet their needs,” says Ken Fitzpatrick, president of TW’s Business Class, East Region. Among those products: high-speed online, digital cable and phone, DVR and HDTV.

TW’s business class service currently counts some 2,600 subscribers to its bundle of high-speed data, voice and other communication services. On the residential side, TW remains the largest home provider, but is joined in a very busy and aggressive market by the likes of Direct TV and Cablevision.

In response to this intensely competitive environment, TW is bundling deals for business and consumers that drive prices lower.

TW’s subscribers are a pretty demanding lot: “I want it now, on my terms and whenever I want it,” is how Frank Brigante, TW’s Director of Sales, Hudson Valley, describes customers’ mind-set toward suppliers of voice, video and data to the office and home. And he says such attitudes have only been perpetuated with the widespread use of mobile communications. The cell phone culture has apparently created an “anytime, anyplace, any device” mentality, which, according to TW Cable execs, is why the company’s investment in the Orange County communications infrastructure just continues to grow.

TW Cable works with local economic development agencies “so the area has a communications infrastructure that attracts the right

Frank Brigante

industries,” Fitzpatrick says.

As TW’s person on the ground in the Hudson Valley, Brigante works with the various Chambers of Commerce, sponsoring or participating in meetings, ceremonies, lunches and breakfasts
– in short, “whatever we can do to build relationships.”

TW Cable has identified Orange County as an area in which the company has stepped up its infrastructure investment, with an emphasis on supplying services to office parks and retail establishments. “The opportunities are tremendous,” Fitzpatrick says, adding that small and mid-sized businesses are “our sweet spot.”

TW’s outlook for growth in the county revolves around the aforementioned business centers and retail, with healthcare
and education also high on its list. TW Cable’s Hudson Valley operations are likewise experiencing significant gains as a redundant data storage facility for the IT demands of companies located in New York City.

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