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Inviting Guests When Your Wedding Venue is Out-of-State

You don’t want to leave close friends off the guest list, but when your wedding location is a bit of a hike, what do you do?

How to Throw an Office Shower (When No One’s Invited to the Actual Wedding)

Bridal showers for your coworkers is tricky when the rest of the office isn’t invited to the wedding. What to do?

The Four Most Popular Wedding Etiquette Questions

The Wedding Guru addresses the four questions everyone wants to know about wedding etiquette

Destination Wedding? Don’t Ditch Your Family for the Honeymoon

Cool your jets! Just because you married at a faraway location doesn’t mean you can ditch your family and friends

The 3 Things You Need to Know If You Want a Weekend Wedding

So you’re getting married — why not make the wedding last the whole weekend? Here are the three things you need to consider

Mom vs. Wedding Planner

One mom wants control of the wedding planner, which spells trouble for our bride-to-be

Wedding Cakes: Taste It Before You Try It!

Good idea: Having a close friend bake your wedding cake Bad idea: Not tasting the cake beforehand

Booking Two Weddings in One Day

Double-booked: What are the downsides to being one of two weddings the same day?

The Downside to Renting a Site for Your Wedding

Property rentals might be more affordable, but don’t expect any extras

Announcing Your Wedding Engagement at a Family Party

Can you announce your engagement at a family party without stealing anyone’s thunder?

Is the Coed Bachelor/Bachelorette Party the New Wedding Trend?

A couple wants to opt out of the bachelor and bachelorette parties, but their friends have other ideas

Wedding Customs and Their Origins: Why Do Grooms Carry Their Brides Through the Front Door?

Carrying your bride over the threshold of your new home isn’t as romantic as you think! The Wedding Guru enlightens on the origins of this ritual
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