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When Is It Okay to Buy a Wedding Gift That’s Not On the Registry?

One grandmother wonders if sticking to the registry will prevent her from finding the perfect wedding gift

Is This the Strangest Place for a Wedding?

Our Wedding Guru was asked about the most unusual wedding venue she’s ever come across, and her answer might have you pinching your nose

A Cake’s Three Worst Nightmares at Outdoor Weddings

Seagulls, sunlight, pests — wedding cakes sure have to battle the elements during outdoor weddings. Here’s how to defend your dessert

Do I Have to Cut the Cake at My Wedding?

Don’t like cake smushed in your face? Terrified of sharp objects? Yes, you can skip the cake-cutting

What the Heck Is Fondant?

Seriously, inquiring minds need to know

Does Your Wedding Cake Have to Actually Match Your Wedding?

One bride-to-be finds herself in a color quandary when choosing her wedding cake

Does the Size of the Engagement Ring Really Matter?

Size matters (but it shouldn’t) when it comes to one guy’s engagement ring

Is It Okay to Take the Centerpiece at a Wedding?

Everyone does it, but is it actually appropriate to grab the centerpiece at a wedding?

How to Honor Your Mom at Your Wedding

She’s been there for you through thick and thin. Here’s how to show Mom just how much her support means to you at your wedding

Bridal Shower Gifts: Help Me Find the Perfect Gift for My Goddaughter

A godmother has trouble finding the right bridal shower gift. The Wedding Guru, to the rescue!

My Friend Ditched My Wedding; Do I Need to Send a Gift to Hers?

If a friend never showed up to your wedding or mailed a card, is it okay to do the same to her?

Wedding Hairstyle of the Week: Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Premiere Hair

Jennifer Lawrence made waves at the first Hunger Games premiere with her bejeweled bun; now, brides are following suit
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