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Airplane Tips for Honeymoon Travelers

A bride with flying issues discovers her hubby booked their honeymoon — in the Bahamas

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The Wedding Guru says: Oh my! There are several easy fixes your flying issues. Make certain that when you adjust the overhead air vent/fan, you don’t set it so that it blows directly on you. (The draft can increase tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.) The best setting is one where the air is blowing just past you.

This is a bit drastic, but you can also wear a mask to keep other people’s “bugs” away. Less extreme is using a lot of sanitizing gel before you eat and avoid putting your hands in or around your face.

Most airplane travelers experience some swelling (especially in their legs) because of the changes in cabin pressure. Try to shift your position often during the flight, paying special attention to moving your legs around. If possible, raise your feet off the cabin floor by resting them on a piece of luggage or a book, placed under the seat in front of you. Do some leg flexing and extensions to increase your circulation, or massage your legs and calves in order to increase blood flow. Drink lots of water to re-hydrate and replenish the moisture you are losing. Stay away from alcoholic beverages on the plane and before you board.

You can mitigate your ear pain by taking a decongestant — just make sure to check with your physician first. Several earplugs now on the market might also help to reduce ear pressure. Don’t forget, the old chewing gum “trick” still works to ease the pain that comes with popping ears!

If you follow these simple suggestions, you’ll have a much better flight and maybe you will feel better in the future about flying. I hope so. Have a great honeymoon!

For more information about flying honeymoons, visit’s Wedding Guide article “Airplane Tips for Honeymoon Travelers.”

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