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Wedding Blunders: Never Ever Ask the Bride to Pay For Her Own Bachelorette Party

Asking the bride to pay for her bachelorette party is a major wedding faux pas!

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The Wedding Guru answers: As for asking you to pay, she’s wrong. You shouldn’t be asked to contribute money or time. What you can contribute are any ideas for the party (or concepts you are vehemently against, e.g. male strippers), and a guest list. Anyone who’s invited to the bachelorette party must be invited to the wedding, of course. The rule of thumb is that the list should be small, so the party is intimate.

The answer to whether bridesmaids should contribute is not quite so clear. Traditional etiquette mavens say that the maid of honor should pay for everything. If budget is an issue for her, she can tone things down to make it more manageable. I understand and can accept that rules are changing; apparently, your girlfriends will not be surprised being asked to pay into the pot, or to purchase some of the favors for the party. The only time under which this may not work is if the party is in her or someone’s home (like the mother of the bride) — obviously, then, the hostess is responsible for all costs.

Whatever happens, what’s most important is that the party is an event fondly remembered by everyone!

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